There were two games on the second day of Div IA. The team started from South Korea against Slovenia. The Asians won at the opening against Hungary and Slovenia lost against the hosts Kazakhstan.

The South Koreans went accordingly motivated in this game and started well. It was almost five minutes played there succeeds after a good action by Sang-Wook, a pass on Ki-Sung and this gave the 1-0 (5.). Shortly after, however, Slovenia had a power play. This was also used and Rodman meets, after pass from Kopitar to 1-1 (9.). This goal gave the Slovenians a push and a few minutes later there was the next power play. The Slovenes also took advantage of this opportunity, and Ograjensek scored the lead for 2-1 (13.). The Koreans looked a bit unsure and Slovenia uses this and Sabolic scored, before the break, the 3-1 (17.).

After a cabin sermon by Korea’s Head Coach Jim Paek, things went better for Korea after the break. There were again odds and goalie Pintaric got to hold some. As the pressure of the Koreans increased, succeeds Won-Juan the connecting goal to 2-3 (28.). This goal was liberating for Korea and only two minutes later scored in a power-play Sang-Wook the equalizer goal to 3-3 (30.). Slovenia played very unoriented after this goal and Korea took advantage of it and only half a minute later Hyun-Soo scored the 4-3 (31.). Korea has turned this game. Slovenia did not really get into the game during this period and Korea are giving away chances for more goals.

In the last period, there was an open exchange with good opportunities on both sides. Both goalies, South Korea’s Dalton and Slovenia’s Pintaric, were a sure support. The Slovenians did everything in their power to equalize. Towards the end, Pintaric went off for a sixth fielder. Half a minute before the end, the decision was made. Sang Hoon scores in the final minute with an empty net goal the 5-3 (20.) and fixes the victory. The Koreans celebrate the second victory in the second game.

Team South Korea vs Team Slovenia 5-3 (1-3, 3-0, 1-0)

In the second match of the day Belarus and Hungary faced each other. The last clash of these two teams at a World Cup was 2016 and ended with a 5-2 win for Hungary.

The Hungarians, however, lost the opening game against Korea and Belarus with another victory to keep their promotion opportunities in tact. The Belarusians also released the match, and after just under five minutes, Feoktisov scored the 1-0 (5.). The Hungarians were able to make the game a bit more open at this goal, but Belarus had better chances. Hungary’s goalie Vay got a lot to hold. With this scant score, it went into the first break.

The team from Belarus was also after restart the playful team. There were some good chances. the Hungarians are usually dangerous only in the rare counterattack. Shortly before halftime, Platt plays Lisovets and scores the 2-0 (30.). Despite the advantage and good chances, the Belarusians do not score a goal in this period.

There were a few minutes played in the final third, when Belarus came to a power play. This was also used and a pass from Bailen scored Platt for preselective 3-0 (46.). The Hungarians came about ten minutes later also to a power play, which is also used. After a pass from Vas succeeds Gallo the connection goal to 1-3 (55.). This gate was too late. Belarus played this result over time, celebrating the second victory and continuing in the direction of re-promotion.

Team Belarus vs Team Hungary 3-1 (1-0, 1-0, 1-1)