IIHF WC Div IB 2019 Tallinn – Estonia. Poland vs. Ukraine #21 Damian Kapica. (c) Sachiko Prior/BalticsMedia

The second matchday kicked off with the game Japan vs. Romania. The last clash the Japanese won last year in Kaunas 3-2 and started as usual with much vigor. Romanians were also very motivated after yesterday’s victory over Estonia and a very interesting game developed. After good chances for both teams, it was Nakayashiki who gave Japan a 1-0 lead after a pass from Saito (14.). The goal continued to be a big boost and two minutes before the break Sato scored the 2-0 (18.).

IIHF WC Div IB 2019 Tallinn – Estonia Japan vs Romania #23 Yushi Nakayashiki, #1 Patrik Polc (c) Sachiko Prior, BalticsMedia

After the restart, there was again the strong Japanese start for the time being, but Romania came repeatedly dangerous before the gate of Hata. Romania became better and better with continued play and came to a power play. This was promptly used by Restegh, who single-handedly shortened to 1-2 (34.). This goal unsettled the Japanese team and only 49 seconds later Biro converted a pass from Balasz to 2-2 (35.).

After these two fast goals, Romania was usually the better team in the shooting period. But the fast Japanese were always dangerous in the counterattack. Romania’s goalie Polc got a lot to hold. Towards the end of the game, the Romanians strengthened again and after a pass from Biro Sallo meets to 3-2 (57.). The Japanese tried everything again at the end, took Hata off the ice. It did not help, Romania brings this result over time and celebrates the second victory in this tournament.

Team Japan vs Team Romania 2-3 (2-0, 0-2, 0-1)

In the second game in Tallinn Poland wanted to continue the triumphal march against Ukraine. Ukraine’s last victory against Poland dates back to 2013, so it was time again. In the first few minutes, it was rarely possible for the Polish attackers. A successful, initiated action by Wronka, whose pass on Kapica this used to 1-0 (16.). But Ukraine comes back into the game and just two minutes later Tolstushko scored the equalizer to 1-1 (18.). Poland wanted more and Kapica, with their second goal, put Poland 2-1 up again (20.).

IIHF WC Div IB 2019 Tallinn – Estonia. Poland vs. Ukraine #14 Nikita Butsenko, #4 Vsevolod Tolstushko, #21 Damian Kapica. (c) Sachiko Prior/BalticsMedia

With the lead in the back, Poland also forced Ukraine into the game after the break. After a pass from Jaskiewicz Domogala meets to 3-1 (23.). Shortly thereafter Kapica meets Poland 4-1 (24.). After a successful attack of the Ukraine by Lyalka succeeds the connection gate to 2-4 (27.). But Poland had Kapica – he scored 25 seconds later the 5-2 (28.) – this was already his fourth goal. Ukraine slipped out of the game and it only took 25 seconds and Komorski scored the 6-2 (28.). This was a preliminary decision and Poland now took the pace out of the game and went into the final period with this comfortable lead.

In the final third, Poland’s Kapica put in another goal – with his fifth goal in this game he scored for 7-2 (42.). Thus, the game was finally decided in favor of Poland. The final point is Ukraine, Babinets scored the 3-7 (49.). But this goal was only result cosmetics. Poeln wins the second game in impressive style and is still in the direction of promotion.

Team Poland vs Team Ukraine 7-3 (2-1, 4-1, 1-1)

In the third game hosted Estonia played against the newly promoted, Netherlands. The Dutch suffered a 1-8 debacle against Poland, and Estonia lost 3-4 to Penalty shoot-out against Romania. The last match between these teams took place in 2017, when Estonia won 4-3.

Driven by local audiences, the Estonians really put pressure on and the defense of the Dutch from the start constantly busy. In the fifth minute it was time, Sibirtsev brings, after a solo effort, Estonia 1-0 lead. The Netherlands were then able to keep the game open and also came to some opportunities. Goals remained but in this period from.

IIHF WC Div IB 2019 Tallinn – Estonia. Estonia vs Netherlands #15 Jasper Nordemann, #29 Martijn Oosterwijk, #13, #12 Stijn Knoop 29.4.2019 – (c) Sachiko Prior/BalticsMedia

The middle period started turbulent. It was played only eleven seconds, succeeds Oosterveld, after perfect pass from Bison, the equalizer goal to 1-1. The Estonians knew the right answer and in the same minute Usov made it 2-1 (21.). Again and again Estonia came dangerously ahead of the Dutch goal, but Goalie Oosterwijk was able to parry a few times very well. The rare chances of the Dutch did not cause any major difficulties for Estonia’s goalie Koitmaa. At half-time of the game Sorokin meets to 3-1 (31.).

At the beginning of the closing periods, the Estonians sought the decision. This succeeds Rooba, who uses a pass from Lahesalu to 4-1 (47.). With this goal, the last defense of the Dutch was broken and Estonia played this first victory with a lot of routine over time.

Team Estonia vs Team Netherlands 4-1 (1-0, 2-1, 1-0)