IIHF WC Div IB 2019 Tallinn – Estonia Ukraine vs Japan #23 Oleg Zadoenko, #26 Yushiro Hirano, #7nIgor Merezhko (c) Sachiko Prior, BalticsMedia

In the first matchday of the IIHF World Championship Div IB Ukraine and Japan faced each other in the first game. At last year’s World Cup in Kaunas, Japan won 7-1.

The lively Japanese began as usual strong and sought the direct route to the gate. Ukraines goalie Dyachenko had to hold a lot at the beginning. But the Japanese were still on the trigger and after a pass from Sato Hiramo scored the 1-0 (5.). The team of Ukraine but wanted to avoid a defeat as in the previous year and sat down to counterattack. Just four minutes later, Lyalka scored the equalizer to make it 1-1 (9.). It went back and forth and after a good pass from Hirano to Sato scored the renewed lead to 2-1 (13.). That was also the score for the first break.

IIHF WC Div IB 2019 Tallinn – Estonia Ukraine vs Japan #24 Timur Hrytsenko, #30 Bogdan Dyachenko, #23 Oleg Zadoenko, #22 Volodymyr Romanenko. (c) Sachiko Prior, BalticsMedia

After the restart, the Japanese started as in the beginning, but the Ukraine was better on the defensive and was able to stop one or the other attack. With targeted actions Ukraine came again and again before the Japanese goal Goalie Hata was always on the spot. Towards the end of the third, the Japanese became stronger again and Saito, after Nakayashiki’s pass, hit 3-1 (38.). However, Ukraine countered and scored 14 seconds before the second break, after a solo, Pangelov-Yuldashev the connecting goal to 2-3 (40.).

In the final period the Ukrainians once again tried to turn the game around. But the Japanese were very confident and stopped the Gegenr. Even with long shots Hata was always there. So the Ukrainians ran out of time and Japan celebrates its first victory in the first game.

Tam Ukraine vs Team Japan 2-3 (1-2, 1-1, 0-0)

The local hero and organizer, Estonia, wanted to present himself in front of the home crowd better than last. In the last clash last year, Estonia won just 1-0.

The Romanians were better this year, leading 1-0 in the first period through Rokaly (8.). Estonia tried to equalize, but conceded just before the break the 2-0 by Goga (19.). After the break, Estonia had a better start and Makrov made it 2-1 (28 ‘) after Ossipov’s pass. Estonia was freed and Rooba scored the 2-2 (31.) just three minutes later. In final period it was exciting again. Only a few minutes after the restart Borysenko brings Ukraine 3-2 in the lead (43.). Estonia did not give up and after Rooba’s pass, Kerna scored 3-3 (50.). There were still some chances on both sides, but it went into overtime. In extra time, no goals were scored and the penalty shoot-out had to be decided. Hoer had a better end for Romania. In the 15th Penalty fixed Rokaly the 4-3 victory and sealed the defeat for Estonia.

Team Romania vs Team Estonia 4-3 OT (2-0, 0-2, 1-1, 0-0, 1-0)

In the last game of the day, newly promoted Netherlands met the outright contender Poland. The relegated from the Div IA of course sought the resurgence and there came to the debut of the promoted just right. But the Niederladne would not make it so easy and were surprisingly by Klem 1-0 in the lead (14.). The Dutch are bertreut by Doug Mason, head coach in Austrian league at the Graz99ers. But the Poles knew their strengths and Neupauer scored the 1-1 (18.) just before the break.

After the restart, the Dutch were able to keep the game open. However, the Poles were the more effective team and Komorski made it to the first-ever Polish lead 2-1 (34 .). After this goal, Poland did easier and only two minutes later Lyszcarczyk scored the 3-1 (36.). In the final period then played only Poland. The early goal for Komorski to 4-1 (42.), was also the preliminary decision in this game. The Netherlands could not stop it. Two minutes later Wronka meets to 5-1 (44.). It went now blow by beat. Dziubinski with 6-1 (47.) and after a solo Domogala scored the 7-1 (48.). The shot point in this one-sided game was set by Neupauer, who scored the 8-1 (50.) and the final score with his second goal. With this win, Poland is the first championship leader and on the way to recovery.

Team Netherlands vs Team Poland 1-8 (1-1, 0-2, 0-5)