In the second Test match against Russia Latvia wanted to build on the very good performance from the previous day. They were 2-0 in the lead, but lost in the end with 2-4. This gave the Latvians courage and went into this second game with a lot of confidence.

The first period was very balanced and both teams had some good chances to take the lead. Latvia’s goalie Gudlevskis got a lot to hold and in the counterattack they were very dangerous. Russia’s defensive did not allow for very big Chacnen until further notice and so it remained until the first break without goals.

After the break there was the same playful image, but Latvia played along. There were few interruptions and the flow of both teams was almost unbroken. Shortly after half-time the game then but the lead for Russia. After a solo by Zub he scored the 1-0 (33.). Latvia did not hide and also found equal opportunities, but Goalie Geogiyev was able to prevent a goal. With this narrow lead, it went into the final period.

Latvia played in the final period just go ahead, and had at times even more game shares. It was a fast and interesting game. A few moments after the middle of the period, Russia came to a power play. An error in the build-up Meija came to the puck, this plays to Kenins and with a short-handed goal, he meets to 1: 1 compensation (43). Beise teams wanted more, but both goalies prevented a defeat. It stayed in this draw and it went into the overtime. The extra time took just under two minutes when Daugavins scored the 2-1 goal for Latvia. With this victory the revenge for yesterday’s defeat succeeds.

Team Latvia vs Team Russia 2-1 OT (0-0, 0-1, 1-0, 1-0)