EBEL Final 2018-19 Game 6 KAC vs Vienna Capitals #9 Ali Wukovits, #72 Siim Kiivik (c) Andreas Urban/SportFoto

For the Vienna Capitals it was all about today, as they are in the final series with 2-3 behind. Siim Liivik could win with the KAC, in a home win, the 31st championship.

In the first few minutes, the KAC was the better team. The Capitals had changed their lines a bit and took time to play. The first chance had the KAC after Rotter played a mistake directly on Richter, but Lamoureux held on to the puck. Shortly thereafter, it was Koch with pass on Kozek, but he does not catch the puck properly and Lamoureux could hold on. Rotter passed another mistake and Comrie left immediately and again Lamoureux was on the spot. After a shot from Comrie falsified Hundertpfung and again the Viennese goalie was on the spot, as well as a shot of choice. Afterwards the Capitals got a chance through Vause, Haugen did a brilliant job. Shortly after halftime third Schneider plays to DeSousa and this scored the difficult 1-0 (11.) – his 10th play-off goal. The Capitals continue and Schneider forgives as well as Vause. Both times Haugen was on the spot.

EBEL Final 2018-19 Game 6 KAC vs Vienna Capitals #80 Nikolaus Kraus, #46 Johannes Bischofberger, #4 Phil Lakos (c) Andreas urban/SportFoto

In the middle period was not played a minute. The Capitals get the puck not away, Petersen with overview on Harand and it is 1-1 (21.). The KAC continued and Kozek forgives from a good position. When Rotter advances and passes Wukovits, Siim Liivik’s shot is barely blocked. The Capitals in forward gear and Fischer pulls off the blue line. Haugen does not get the puck under control and Rotter pushes the puck to 2-1 in the empty goal. Now the punishments came. The first power play had the KAC, but it remained without significant chance. Shortly thereafter, there was again power play for the KAC and Lamoureux with splits against Kozek and Koch. Then Comrie tried, but he, too, stuck to Lamoureux. The Capitals were close by DeSousa and Schneider more gates, but Haugen was always on the spot. The last chance in this period Petersen had, but he also fails to Lamoureux.

At the beginning of the final third Harand gives the chance for the KAC to compensate. It was played more physical and a cross-check of Capitals player Grosslercher to Witting was without consequences. The KAC player was injured in the cabin. Towards the middle of the period, the KAC came back to more, Harand fails Lamourex and Fischer was unsuccessful with a shot. Wahl arrives at the Puck in the Capitals Zone, plays Petersen. This waits a long time, Lamoureux takes the view and the puck goes to 2-2 in goal (53.). The KAC is now after and cook or judge fail to Lamoureux. The biggest chance was 17 seconds before the end Neal, who meets only the outside net completely alone at the far post. This went into the over-time.

In overtime, the KAC had the first power play. More than a chance of Fischer did not come out. The Capitals also came to two power plays, but could not exploit opportunities of Olden, Peter and Grosslercher. The KAC pushed again more speed and choice only hits the pole. The decision succeeds Comrie, who scored with a shot to 3-2 (75.) and Siim Liivik with the KAC for champion 2018/19 awards.

EBEL Final 2018-19, #72 Siim Liivik, 24.4.2019 (C) Siim Liivik/KAC

KAC vs Vienna Capitals 3-2 OT (0-1, 1-1, 1-0, 1-0) – Series: 4-2