EBEL Final 2018-19: Game 5 – 22.4.2019 Vienna Capitals vs. KAC #72 Siim Liivik (c) Andreas Urban/SportFoto

After the last victory of Siim Liivik and his team, the KAC, it was today in the game 5, which means a preliminary decision. With a win he wanted to get the first matchpuck. The Capitals wanted to win this home game course, the KAC came after the series equalization with a well-bred chest to Vienna Kagran.

EBEL Final 2018-19 Game 5 – 22.4.2019 Vienna Capitals vs. KAC #1 JP Lamoureux, #72 Siim Liivik, #42 Alex Wall (c) Andreas Urban/SportFoto

The Capitals set off immediately and Sondre Olden’s shot goes just over the gate. The KAC did not hide and Kozek only hits the outside net, a shot by Schumnig was held by Lamoureux. The first power play had the KAC, but Andrew Kozek fails at the Vienna goalie. The Capitals had the chance of a shorthand through Olden, but KAC Goalie Haugen was in a class of its own. The KAC had slight advantages, but Lamoureux had to stand against one hundred pound, and shots from Neal and Fischer’s. The Capitals came to a power play, but forgave good chances. After a mistake by Alex Wall Siim Liivik had the opportunity to lead. But Alex Wall was just able to stop the Estonians from the shot. Towards the end of the third, the Vienna Capitals award high-profile chances through DeSousa and Schneider (not putting the puck in the empty net). Five seconds before the break, it was again DeSousa, who alone gives Haugen the lead. The Norwegian goalie of the KAC was a class of its own in this period.

EBEL Final 2018-19, Game 5 – 22.4.2019 Vienna Capitals vs. KAC #72 Siim Liivik (c) Andreas Urban/SportFoto

The capitals had the first chance by Nödl after the break with a shot, but KAC goalie Haugen resists shortly and Romig only hits the outside net. The KAC survived this pressure phase and came back to chances again – Siim Liivik after a solo effort and Mitch election can not beat Lamoureux. A shot from DeSousa defends Haugen shortly and Schneider forgives from close range. The KAC came again and again in the counter dangerous before the Vienna goal and Marcel Witting forgives alone before Lamoureux. Shortly thereafter, marc-Andre Dorion and Siim Liivik fought and both had for 2 + 2 minutes on the penalty bench. Shortly after halftime of the game Stefan Geier starts from the neutral zone, came to the puck and single-handedly leaves Lamoureux no chance and scored the 1-0 for the KAC (31.). The Capitals had in return a compensation opportunity by Vause, which fails to Haugen. After a long tee of the KAC Lamoureux plays the puck directly to Thomas Hundertpfund. He keeps running on Nick Petersen and got into position. Petersen with plenty of overview fits again Hundertpund, Lamoureux gives no chance – 2-0 (33.).

EBEL Final 2018-19 game 5 – 22.4.2019 Vienna Capitals vs. KAC #19 Stefan geier, #1 JP Lamoureux (c) Andreas Urban/SportFoto

In the final period the KAC came briefly in distress, the Capitals had a power play. KAC Goalie Haugen was a “rock in the surf” and destroyed the chances of Olden and Wall. Further the KAC had a chance after a solo by Bischofberger, but Lamoureux prevented another hit. The Capitals tried it on, but the very thick chances remained but the defensive of the KAC was very compact. Three minutes before the end, the Capitals came to another power play and Lamoureux left the ice. It was heated again and Tessier made a small dispute with Petersen. The KAC played this result over time with a tactical masterpiece. With this, Siim Liivik and the KAC lead 3: 2 in the final series and will have the opportunity to win the championship in the next match.

EBEL Final 2018-19 Game 5 – 22.4.2019 Vienna Capitals vs. KAC #80 Nikolaus Kraus, #72 Siim Liivik, Steven Strong, (c) Andreas Urban/SportFoto

Vienna Capitals vs KAC 0-2 (0-0, 0-2, 0-0) – Series: 2-3