EBEL Final 2018-19 Game 4 KAC vs Vienna Capitals
#72 Siim Liivik (c) Andres Urban/SportFoto

The KAC started the game early with an early power play, and caps shot goalkeeper JP Lamoureux showed some distance. After only four minutes, the home side sent their over-formation to the ice again, this time Andrew Kozek just missed a pass. Vienna could hardly set accents with the same level of play in the offense, but did not allow much in the defense. For Patrick Harand and Thomas Hundertpfund was after individual actions at Lamoureux terminal and also the third powerplay brought the red jackets nothing. Since the Viennese did not improve in their first numerical superiority, it remained goalless after 20 minutes.

The middle period was even more punishments, almost continuously sat at least one player in the cool box. After initially no compelling chances on both sides, the home side went in the 25th minute in the lead. The coming from the penalty box Johannes Bischofberger was left alone by the caps defense and hit dry from the right hashes in the short corner. During a Klagenfurter supremacy almost the Viennese had found the best chance, they ran in a 3-to-1 counterattack but offside. Later in the middle section, the KAC Powerplay did work. In the playful outnumbered Siim Liivik was mostly on the ice and was able to prevent a goal with much effort. In the offense, he also got out twice a power play for his team out.Nick Petersen and Matt Neal made it 3-0 in just 63 seconds. The third ended almost befitting with a caps-over-count, Taylor Vause missed here just barely.

EBEL Final 2018-19 Game 4 KAC vs Vienna Capitals
#19 Stefan Geier, #1 JP Lamoureux
(c) Andreas urban/SportFoto

The Capitals were much more active from the cabin and approached the first goal more and more. In the 50th minute, it was finally Rafael Rotter, who wrote in excess for the guests. It was really exciting when Kelsey Tessier stood right after Romig shot and shortened to 3-2. A penalty against Mario Fischer stopped the onslaught of the Viennese only in the short term, in the final offensive took head coach Dave Cameron his goalie 50 seconds before the end of the ice. However, the KAC defended skillfully and brought the narrow victory over time.

KAC vs Vienna Capitals 3-2 (0-0, 3-0, 0-2) – Series: 2-2