The Latvians had good luck against Russia in the third minute when a puck jumping off the board was almost deflected over the goal line. Shortly thereafter, the Russians created the first chance to score and in the 14th minute it was Maxim Groshev who ensured Russia’s 1-0 lead. But the Russians did not succeed in more than one goal. The Latvians make it through a placed shot in the 27th minute of Raivis Ansons equal to 1-1. Russia took the lead again in the 32nd minute. Nikolayev prevailed on the board, his pass to Chistyakov turned this successfully to 2-1. Now, the Russians relented and Sheshin fixed only 51 seconds later, the two goals lead to 3-1. In the final period, there were some penalties before Amirov and Mingachyov, with two Emty Net goals, made the final score 5-1 for Russia.

Latvia U18 vs Russia U18 1-5 (0-1, 1-2, 0-2)

further results:

Group A: Switzerland U18 vs Czech Republic U18 2-8 (0-2, 1-3, 1-3)