For Avangard Omsk it was in the game 4 already survive. The team of coach Hartley had to win in order not to be sent on vacation with a sweep (0-4).

The first shot came after only 10 seconds CSKA by Vey, but Bobkov was wide awake. Avangard countered and Sorokin could fend off a chance from Stalberg. After a quick combination Kaprizov plays on Telegin, but fails to Bobkov from close range. As the game progressed, Avangard grew stronger and stronger. CSKA could hardly free himself and Sorokin was the focus. A shot from Yemelin he fended off shortly and Mikheyev missed the rebound. Then it was Beck but this time Sorokin was the winner. Omsk then had the possibility of power plays but Sorokin could prevent a goal after a good opportunity by Mikheyev. Shortly thereafter Mikheyev shoots, Sorokin fights off and Shirokov came too late. In another power play it was time. Shumakov succeeds the lead to 1-0 (13.). However, this goal was only good after video evidence. CSKA also got a power play after that goal, but it did not take long for Robinson (CSKA) and Semyonov to get their hands on each other. It continued with 4 against 4 and shortly before the first break Franson scored with a shot from the side the 2-0 (18.).

Avangard continued with the game after the break and Semyonov had the first chance, shortly after it was Shirokov. CSKA were also in the game immediately, counter-attacking and Okulov tried a peasant trick, curving the gate, but no longer bringing the puck in the direction of goal. A few minutes later there was face-off in the Avangard Zone. CSKA wins this, the puck comes to Kaprizov, who pulls off immediately and the puck goes to 1-2 in the cross corner (24.). There followed a real exchange of the two teams. The best opportunities were on the side of Mikheyev and Semyonov on the side of Omsk, and Okulov and Grigorenko were compensated for CSKA. At the end of the third Avangard became stronger again, but Sorokin was able to stave off opportunities from Galimov and Chudinov. Beck had the last chance for an Avangard goal before the break, but again Sorokin was on the sidelines.

Also the final third remained playful on a very high level and Stalberg had the first chance for Omsk. CSKA is now increasing the pace and Mamin fails to Bobkov. After another great single action by Kaprizov this could be stopped by Pokka only with a foul and CSKA had a power play. The army team got stuck in the Avangard Zone and Bobkov had to defend himself against Robinson, Okulov and Svetlakov. A dangerous, fast counterattack by Omsk druch Shumakov remained without a goal. In another power play for CSKA Grigorenko pulls off and the puck meets Yemelin in the face, which then lay drowsily on the ice. Yemelin could continue to play. CSKA kept their grip and Popov gives a big chance. Just two minutes before the end, in a powerful phase of CSKA, Okulov scored the 2-2 (58.) with a covert shot. Avangard was then briefly unfocused and Shalunov forgives his chance to win. Then it went into the over-time.

In the over-time, Avangard pushed for victory for the time being, also came to a power play. In this Shumakov forgives his chance and a shot from Beck went to the bar. Two minutes from time Dahlbäck shoots from the blue line towards Avangard Tor, Mamin stands in front of Bobkov and fakes the puck indefensible for the goalie in the goal (78.). This goal was only given after video evidence. CSKA celebrates winning the Gagarin Cup Champion for the first time in the season 2018-19.

Avangard vs CSKA Moscow 2-3 OT (2-0, 0-1, 0-0, 0-1) – Series: 0-4