EBEL Final 2018-19 – Game 3 – 18.04.2019, Vienna Capitals vs. KAC #47 Marcel Witting, #9 Ali Wukovits, #72 Siim Liivik (c) Andreas Urban/Sportfoto

After the home win by KAC, the team around Siim Liivik has equalized in the final series of the Austrian League (EBEL). In today’s home game at the Vienna Capitalsw waited a sold-out house, yet another victory should follow.

Both teams fought openly. As expected, the Vienna Capitals took the 1-0 lead – KAC goalie Lars Haugen let a shot of Patrick Peter slip under the schooner across the line (4.). The KAC succeed in a short-Handed goal by Thomas Koch 1-1 compensation (7.). In a power play for the KAC Matt Neal meets for the first time lead to 2-1 (14.). The Vienna Capitals used another power play to compensate. Chris DeSousa fakes a shot from Marc-Andre Dorion unsustainable to 2-2 equalizer.

EBEL Final 2018-19 Game 3 18.04.2019, Vienna Capitals vs. KAC #1 JP Lamoureux, #18 Thomas Koch, #42 Alex Wall (c) Andreas Urban/Sportfoto

After the Pasue, the Capitals were stronger and went just before halftime again in the lead. Emil Romig plays the puck in the middle and Clemens Unterweger fakes in his own goal to 3-2 from (29.). Shortly thereafter, the KAC had in a 3:5 playful outnumber and there was Siim Liivik again. This did a great defensive work and the KAC was clean sheet. Just before the second break, there was again a power play for the guests. Siim Liivk was back on the ice and survived the situation. One second before the break, Liivik had a chance to equalize – he missed the puck, just after Marcel Witting’s pass.

EBEL Final 2018-19 Game 3 – 18.04.2019, Vienna Capitals vs. KAC #10 Marc-Andre Dorion, #72 Siim Liivik (c) Andreas Urban/Sportfoto

In the final third, the Vienna Capitals were the game-determining team. The KAC was mostly pushed on the defensive. Liivik had a chance but Capitals goalie JP Lamoureux was able to hold on to the puck. In addition, the KAC had Göück, as Sondre Olden hit only the pole. Twice had the KAC in a power play. but remained without a clean sheet. Shortly before the end Liivik played on his teammate Martin Schumnig, who could not beat Lamoureux. It stayed at this score and the Capitals lead in the series 3-2. Now the KAC and Liivik must win in the home game on Saturday to compensate again. Liivik again provided a strong performance and came up with a time of 14:07 minutes.

Vienna Capitals vs KAC 3-2 (2-2, 1-0, 0-0) – Series: 2-1