The Lithuanian ice hockey team has successfully completed the first preparatory match for the upcoming World Championship of Division IA. Lithuania beat Estonia 6-3 in Elektrenai to celebrate their first win. Before going to Astana, the team will play three more games.

The Lithuanian team, like the Estonian team, were struggling to get involved. But Kumeliauskas breaks the gate and scored the lead to 1-0 (16.). But Estonia soon had an answer and less than a minute later Viitanen meets 1-1 (17.). Lithuania continued to play in the mid-period and Estonia was able to fend off some attacks. By half-time, Gintautas scored twice to make it 2-1 (30.) and only 3-1 (36.) six minutes later Lithuania on the winner’s road.

The final period was also successfully started. After a solo attempt Čižas scored the 4-1 (43.). Only a minute later, Kumeliauskas scores with his second goal in this game the 5-1 (44.). So the game was finally decided. Lithuania kept pushing and Bosas filled the dozen with the 6-1 (51.). Lithuania then slowed the pace and Estonia managed to improve the score. Alexandrov scored the 2-6 (52.) and Rooba still succeeds 3-6 (58.) two minutes before the end.

Team Lithuania vs Team Estonia 6-3 (1-1, 2-0, 3-2)