For Avangard it was a lot because the first two games were lost. It had to be a victory to shorten the series. CSKA went into the game after the two victories with a lot of confidence.

It started right away and both teams were looking for a way to score. The first top chance had Shlepyshev, but Bobkov could fend off the puck. After a quick counter-attack Zernov forgives his opportunity to lead. It went back and forth and towards the end of the third CSKA sat down in the Avangard zone. Bobkov had a lot to do and was able to block goals for chances from Popov, Okulov and Vey. Ten seconds before the break, Franson was put on the penalty bench for cross-check and CSKA started the second period with a power play.

The best chance in this power play had Marchenko with a shot that fended off Bobkov. A few minutes later, Galimov joins the CSKA zone, circles the gate and plays the puck in the middle. The coming Zernov gets the puck to the skate, who then goes into the goal. However, this goal was not given after video analysis. It is already the second goal, which is not given after video evidence. Shortly after CSKA came to a power play and again Marchenko had a good chance. In a quick retreat Zernov was suddenly alone in front of Sorokin, who held the puck. Franson tried a long shot from the blue line a few minutes later, but Sorokin held the puck. CSKA made some more pressure and after a pass from Dahlbeck Andronov gives the chance to lead. The last chance in this period had Omsk, Shlepyshev went all alone on Sorokin, but leaves too much time for the conclusion and was successfully prevented by the CSKA defense.

The beginning of the final period CSKA had again a power play, as Medvedev because of “Delay of the Game” sat on the penalty bench. However, Omsk had the best chance with a shorthander by Zernov. After about four minutes in this period Dahlbeck fits in the own zone to Andronov. He takes the puck and starts a solo over the whole field from his own zone. Shortly after the blue line he shot and the puck goes to Bobkov to 1-0 in the net (44.). In the heat of the fight, Shalunov hit Shumakov’s neck with his fist, causing him to lose his helmet. This action was without penalty. CSKA pushed again towards Omsk gate. Telegin with a pass to Shalunov and his shot passes just by the gate. Omsk put to the final offensive us Stalberg fails Sorokin. Coach Hartley Goalie took down Bobkov two minutes before the end. Shortly thereafter, Shumakov tried a trick – he puts the puck on the bat shovel and wants to sink this in the checkpoint. But Sorokin sensed this action and closed the gap in time and was able to fend off the puck. The final point of the final decision is set by Grigroneko, who made it 2-0 in the final minute with an empty-net goal. With this win, CSKA lead 3-0 in the series and have 3 match pucks to win the Gagarin Cup.

Avangard Omsk vs CSKA Moscow 0-2 (0-0, 0-0, 0-2) – Series: 0-3