EBEL Finals 2018-19 – Game 2 KAC vs Vienna Capitals #72 Siim Liivik, #4 Phil Lakos
(c) Andreas Urban/BalticsMedia

After the defeat in the first final game, the KAC wanted to compensate for Siim Liivk in today’s home game with a win the series. The conditions were good, there was a sold-out exhibition hall in Klagenfurt.

The team of Liivik also set the pace immediately and urged the Vienna Capitas in the total defensive. There were some good chances and the guests also found one or two good chances. Liivik was the tough guy on the ice in tough situations and often cleaned out dangerous moves by the guests. Shortly before the first break KAC succeeds with a deflected shot the 1-0 – Stefan Geier fakes the puck untenable for Capitals goalie Lamoureux into the goal (18.).

In the middle third, the game remained at the same high level and KAC Goalie Haugen could prevent some opportunities. Liivik was an outstanding player today, both attacking and defensive. Also in the face-offs the Este was usually the winner. In the final third there was a real urge phase of the Capitals and KAC Goalie Haugen prevented with great saves a goal and held this tight lead firmly. Liivik got a good chance after a good attack. For the time being, he was pushed by Clark, but came back to the puck and tried it with a backhand shot. In the last few seconds there was face-off in the zone of the KAC. Liivik wins this, too, and the KAC beat the puck out of harm’s way. With this close 1-0 victory succeeds Liivik and his team the 1-1 compensation in the final series.

KAC vs Vienna Capitals 1-0 (1-0, 0-0, 0-0) – Series: 1-1