KHL Final 2018-19 CSKA vs Avangard Omsk #25 Mikhail Grigorenko, #37Mat Robinson CSKA Arena, Moscow © Robanser

For the second game in the final series for the coveted Gagarin Cup, the CSKA Arena in Moscow was once again the venue of the event. After CSKA started in the first game better in the first period, this time Omsk was present from the beginning. The game was more physical and balanced from the face-off, with chances on both sides. Beck on the side of Omsk in the 9th minute with a nice delayed shot, as well as in the 15th minute a shot of his team that went from the skate of Blazhiyevsky very dangerous to the CKSA goal and was defused by Sorokin were only two of several chances.

Avangard came from the break very ambitious and had a great rebound opportunity on Pokka in the 22nd minute, when he shot free before Sorokin. Only two minutes later it was almost time for CSKA, when Svetlakov broke perfectly on Telegin and Bobkov was beaten. But the puck went over his hook after the hook and so it remained until the second break, although the team of coach Nikitin had two really strong final minutes.

After a CSKA cross in the 43rd minute, Omsk’s great opportunity came two minutes later. Sorokin just closed the corner with his schooner and prevented the lead for Omsk. In the 50th minute followed by a CSKA assault of Svetlakov and Kaprizov. In the 53rd minute finally fell the first goal in this game. Okulov shot, the puck hit the crossbar and from there he jumped into the goal – 1-0. Two minutes later Bobkov rescued with a shoulder after a shot from Grigorenko. It was Grigorenko who scored the 2-0 in the 58th minute with an empty-net goal and just one minute later Andronov scored the 3-0.

CSKA now have two wins in the CSKA Arena on Wednesday. This is not a long way to go, as Omsk, due to hall problems, is completing its “home games” this season in the north of Moscow. Avangard Head Coach Bob Hartley: “We played well, it was a big game from both teams. It was a tough game with a high speed. After the first 40 minutes it looked better for us, in the third third we conceded the goals. CSKA is a great team, it gives you little space and therefore little chance. Now it’s back to Balashikhta.”

CSKA Moscow vs Avangard Omsk 3-0 (0-0, 0-0, 3-0) – Series: 2-0