The first game in the final of the Gagarin Cup 2018-19 took place in the sold-out CSKA Arena in Moscow. For both teams it would be the first time to win this cup. In the 11-year-KHL H2H-Bilanz CSKA leads the statistics with 15-7 victories against Avangard superior.

The first shot was Zernov for Avangard on the goal of Sorokin. With the first attack CSKA took the lead. CSKA got stuck in the Avangard Zone. Omsk did not get the puck out of their own zone and suddenly Svetlakov came alone to the puck, had free sight and left Avangard Goalie Bobkov no chance – 1-0 (2.). Avangard immediately responded with quick thrusts, but Sorokin was able to fend off Pivtsakin and Shumakov’s chances. Then it was CSKA’s turn again – Popov fails twice from close range to Bobkov, both assists came from Shalunov. Shortly before the half-time period, after a good game build-up, Grigorenko puts back on Marchenko who deducts immediately. Bobkov was out of sight, reacted too late and it was 2-0 (9.). Shortly thereafter, Nesterov and Zernov had a dispute, both had to go to the penalty bank and it went on with 4-4 on. The first power play had CSKA, but could not score in it. Omsk put pressure on towards the end of the third, but Semyonov and Desharnais were unable to beat Sorokin. Sorokin seemed to be indomitable, even a shot from a short distance from Manukyan he held with flying colors. Karnaukov had the last chance of this period, but Bobkov caught the puck safely.

CSKA kept up the pace after the break and Nesterov had the first good chance. Shortly afterwards it was Kaprizov, but Bobkov was there on both occasions. After about five minutes Avangard sat down in the CSKA zone. Franson pulled away from the blue line and suddenly the puck was to the supposed 1-2 in goal. However, this goal was not given to great surprise by Omsk Coach Hartley. Stas had allegedly given the puck a change of direction with the shoe. In the repetition, however, you could see that Stas jumps though, wanted to avoid the incoming puck and this went to the shoe and from there into the gate. An unfortunate decision of the officials. CSKA was unimpressed and Vey forgives his opportunity as well as Desharnais for Omsk. After a quick push by Vey, he plays Grigorenko. He takes over directly and the puck goes under the bar to 3-0 in the gate (31.). Minutes before the break, Omsk came to a power play. This lasted only 9 seconds and Shumakov shortened to 1-3 (34.). Avangard went down but Sorokin was able to prevent goals from Mikheyev and Pivtsakin. The last chance before the siren had CSKA. Kaprizov started a solo from their own zone but Bobkov could prevent this goal with a good reflex.

Avangard wanted to try again to influence the game and Franson had the first chance after the break. Subsequently, Omsk came to a power play, but remained without a goal. The chance had CSKA, as coming from the penalty box Shalunov fed alone on Bobkov, but the shot went just over. CSKA got stronger again and after a double pass between Vey and Grigorenko they scored the 4-1 (48.). After this gate Bobkov left the ice and Nalimov came. Avangard relented and Stas forgives Sorokin. Omsk came to another power play, but Fisenko and Mikheyev could not exploit their chances. After a quick push by Vey, this only hits the pole. In a power play for Omsk, Shlepyshev sat on the penalty bench, Stalberg succeeds the 2-4 (55.). The puck is unfortunately distracted by Nesterov into his own goal. CSKA were also dangerous in the final minutes, Kaprizov was, after a solo, timely prevented by Mikheyev on the shot on goal. In the last two minutes, coach Hartley Goalie took Namilov off ice and tried again with six field players. The final point was set by Grigorenko, who fixed the final score of 5-2 with an empty-net goal. This was his third goal in this game and the spectators threw their caps on the ice. After this brilliant performance CSKA leads in the final series with 1-0.

CSKA Moskau vs Avangard Omsk 5-2 (2-0, 1-1, 2-1) – Serie: 1-0