Avangard Omsk beat Barys Astana 3-1 to kick off the East Conference semi-final and remain unbeaten in the play-offs. Ufa wins 1-0 thanks to Goalie Metsola’s shutout and Kemppainen goal at Avtomobilist.

For Avtomobilist it continued after the sweep against Traktor in the Conference Semifinals against Salavat Yuleav. Ufa needed six matches against Metallurg Magnitogorsk. For Ufa it means in this series against Avtomobilist finally achieve goals. The two games in the regular season were lost 0-1 and 0-2. Should Yekaterinburg finish the series successfully, that would be the first entry into a conference finale. For Ufa, on the other hand, it would be the fifth participation, with 2011 being the final winner of the Gagarin Cup title.

Avtomobilist got off to a good start, but Ufa quickly got into the game and also found his way to Kovar’s goal. It developed an open exchange of blows. Ekaterinburg had more chances to play, but the chances of scoring on both sides have not yet materialized. Avtomobilist player Golyshev had the best chance at this stage with a covert shot. Two minutes before the first break it burned in front of the Ufa gate. Dawes could only be prevented from completing with a Sergeyev foul. This offense led to the first power play. There, Ufa saw practically no puck and so it remained goalless after 20 minutes, as well as the hosts conceded a penalty.

At the beginning of the second period had then on the part of Avtomobilist Kucheryavenko on the penalty bench. Only 40 seconds later Avtomoblist received another penalty after a bad change. This power play Ufa used by Kemppainen in the 23rd minute to 1-0 lead. This broke the Avtomobilist goal barrier this season. The home team then increased the pressure and Tryamkin made with a wrist shot in the 25th minute for danger. In addition, Salavat Yulaev had to take penalties in the purchase. As Ufa also made a bad change in the 28th minute, it was said that for over a minute 5 against 3 for the home team. Except for a Vasilevsky chance did not look out and when Ufa was again four, Metsola took the puck with a catch hand from the cross corner after a shot. As the game continued, both teams had good chances. Both teams paid nothing, and there were minor disagreements between Ufa Speler Kugryshev and Mamkin. Both went to the penalty bench for two minutes each. The game was never unfair and it went into the third 20 minutes.

The home team came out of the cab very aggressively and Litovchenko only hit the outside pole. The guests did not hide despite the leadership and so it went back and forth. In the 49th minute Tkachyov again tested Goalie Kovar, this prevented with the catch hand but another goal. On the other hand, the defensive of the guests hardly allowed anything and Yekaterinburg was lucky, as a deflected shot only hits the goal bar. Bodrov received a penalty four minutes from time due to a stupid foul when he checked Tkachyov’s full elbow face down. When the 0-1 backlog helped the guests twice. Ufa tried to bring it to a head 59 minutes into the match, but Obidin almost equalized. 20 seconds before the end Metsola rescued. Thanks to the 34 saves of the Finn and his compatriot Kemppainen, Salavat Yulaev gets the first away win at the beginning of the series.

Avtomobilist vs Salavat Ufa 0-1 (0-0, 0-1, 0-0) – Series: 0-1

The second duel between Barys Astana and Avangard Omsk will be a longer series. Omsk won all four games in the regular season, three of them only in the shootout. After Barys needed seven games against Torpedo in the first round, Omsk did the promotion against defending champion Ak Bars with a sweep. After a 4-0 victory over Kazan Avangard tried to take over against Barys the initiative.

The home team, however, took some time to get into the game. In the first power-play, Barys became dangerous by Mikheyev, he escaped and before he could finish he was disturbed by a hook. This was the benefit for Barys over and Omsk came to the first overpayment game. After a check against the head Svedberg collected a four-minute penalty and Omsk had just over half a minute two more players on the ice. However, Astana goalkeeper Karlsson kept his goal clean in this phase. Also in the episode Avangard was closer to the lead. In the 13th minute followed the deserved lead by Petrov, who outwitted Astana goalkeeper Karlsson with the peasant trick. As a result, Barys did not find his way in a power play, unlike the guests. When Avangard was outnumbered for a minute at the end of the 16th minute, Omsk tied Astana in their own third. Mikheyev closed after several good opportunities to the end of the 18th minute with the goal to 2-0 from. Only in the 20th minute was Astana really dangerous, but a shot from Valk was held by Bobkov.

Right after the start, it was Cormier who found the best chance for the goal following a solo. Omsk was not as dominant in the episode as in the starting third, but the team of coach Hartley clearly controlled the game. Astana was again dangerous in the 28th minute with a long-range shot from Svedberg, but Mikheyev also responded with a good shot in the attack. In the 30th minute, Omsk gave players Stas good luck when he hit Blacker’s face in a tackle with the bat, but got away without penalty. In the 33rd minute Omsk made a rare mistake on the opposing blue line, but Bochenski failed with his start at Avangard goalkeeper. The Kazakhs followed suit and brought out a power shot in addition to a pole shot. Here again Bochenski had the big opportunity. With long shots Avangard but got the game back again a bit.

In the third period, Barys kept trying to maintain momentum. Once they found space, Mikhailis ideally served Petersson, who scored the first goal in the 45th minute to 1-2. Avangard was now on the attack again, but Barys was more dangerous. Now there was a real play-off game, although you gave nothing to the gang. At Barys, Brandon Bochenski kept cranking dangerously ahead of Bobkov. In the 56th minute, there was a big chance for Avangard to make it 3-1, when Desharnais suddenly came to a close just before the Barys goal, but narrowly failed. Barys risked more and more but again and again the chances were stopped. 100 seconds before the end, Karlsson left the field for a sixth outfield player. But that did not help, because Avangard acted skillfully. Omsk came to the puck, broke free and Shirokov pushes the puck to 3-1 in the empty Barys goal. With that, the game was decided and Omsk remains unbeaten in this year’s Play-Offs.

Barys Astana vs Avangard Omsk 1-3 (0-2, 0-0, 1-1) – Series: 0-1