Kurbads wins 5-0 and sends Zemgale with a sweep (4-0) into the summer break.

The reigning champion Kurbads was able to solve the final ticket in today’s game with a win at Zemgale. This task does not seem easy, as Zemgale is considered a home strong team, even if Game 3 was lost.

Zemgale started well away from the Bully and tried to score a goal. Kurbads, with the comfortable series leadership in the luggage, could wait and let Zemgale come too. The hosts played really very ambitious, but mostly fail to Kurbads Goalie Calpa. With a quick attack Kurbads took the lead, Valters scored after a solo attempt the 1-0 (7.). This lead strengthened the champion’s defense, and Zemgale usually got stuck in it.

In the middle period, Zemgale was on the trigger after the break, but allowed himself to be punished. at half-time the game was decided within three minutes. In a power play Gipters scored with a double strike the 2-0 (12.), and shortly thereafter, also in a power play, the 3-0 (14.). These two goals in such a short time brings Zemgale totally off the hook. Kurbads controlled until the break of this period and also left no great opportunities.

As in the final Perid Rancevs to 4-0 (47.), ds game was finally decided for Kurbads. It followed more or less a safe and controlled game of the champion. Hartmanis scored the final in the match, scoring a 5-0 pass for Zembergs (58.). With this victory Kurbads wins the series 4: 0, also celebrates Kurbads Goalie Calpa his third Shut-Out in the play-off series, and is the first team in the final of the Optibethokejaliga.

HK Zemgale vs HK Kurbads 0-5 (0-1, 0-2, 0-2) – Series: 0-4