After an intense game, the Hockey Punks win against Kaunas 6-2 and lead in the series 3-1.

After the recent away win at Kaunas, the punks wanted to celebrate the first play-off home win. Kaunas, however, was the last to win in Vilnius and wanted to repeat that, of course.

After an emotional beginning, Bacevicius of the Punks and Kaunas’s Kumeliauskas had to leave the penalty box after five minutes. The Punks were in the mood to play after the win in Kaunas and Kuliesius brings the home side after a pass from Rybakov 1-0 in the lead (9.). Kaunas immediately sought the way to the gate, sometimes acting a bit awkward, and also left a power play unused. Only when the guests were complete again succeeded Prokopenkov the equal to 1-1 (13.). In this start period, the Punks also came to two other power plays, let them also pass without scoring.

This intense game continued after the break. After a double exclusion, it continued with 4 against 4 players. As the Punks found more space and after a pass from Rimkus Majul scored the renewed lead to 2-1 (24.). The Punks were then enticed to stupid punishments. Kaunas got better and better through these two consecutive power plays. After the goal to equalize but only after the expiry of the penalty and Kumeliauskas scored the 2-2 (30.). This goal was over-motivating some of Kauna’s players and suddenly the punks had a 5:3 power play as Babic and Guoga are in the penalty box. This situation was used by the Punks and Zheltakov scores the 3-2 (33.). Towards the end of the period, Rybakov came to a chance, this could only be stopped by Kaunas’s Guoga with a foul. This was a penalty and Rybakov scored for 4-2 (39.).

In the final period, Kaunas was strangely beaten. The punks controlled the game with the lead. The final decision was made by the punks, as Kuvelka scored the goals to 5-2 (48.) and 6-2 (53.) with a brace after two attempts by Rybakov. With this victory, the Punsk get a 3-1 series lead and need only one more victory for the final.

Hickey Punks vs Kaunas Hockey 6-2 (1-1, 3-1, 2-0) – Series: 3-1