Kurbads turn a 0-1 deficit against Zemgale in a 2-1 win and leads in the series 3-0.

Zemgale wanted in the first play-off home game in a win shorten the series, as both games were lost at Kurbads. The current champion, however, has a playful run, which he would like to continue.

With this initial situation, both teams went into this exciting game. Off the start of Bully, both of them made their way to the goal and both goalies, Zemgale’s Cimermanis and Kurbad’s Calpa, both got a lot to hold. There was an open exchange, with very good defensive work of the teams. It also made the game interesting, the only thing missing was the goals in that period. A few seconds before the break, it was time. After a good attack from Zemgale over Feoktistovs, Homjakovs scored the deserved 1-0 lead (20.).

Kurbads started an offensive mid-period to equalize, but Zemgale’s defense was very safe. Goalie Cimermanis had a good day, he was in some situations “the rock in the surf” and seemed insurmountable. Zemgale got by the attacks of Kurbads at times much free space and could launch dangerous counterattacks. Despite the very exhausting and exhausting game of both teams, it was the narrow lead for Zemgale.

In the final period Kurbads had the better start. After less than a minute, Rancevs manage to equalize 1-1 (41.) after a pass from Pushkaryov. Thus, the game was open again and both teams sought the decision. With continuation and the near end of the game Kurbads became stronger and stronger. A good action from Upitis and their passing on Cipulis, brought the 2-1 for the reigning champion (56.). Zemgale tried again in the last remaining minutes to get into overtime. But Kurbads managed this result and is already in the series 3-0.

HK Zemgale vs HK Kurbads 1-0 (1-0, 0-0, 0-2) – Series: 0-3