Välk 494 leaves Viking Tallinn no chance and wins by 6-2.

In the last game of the regular season Viking Tallinn hosted HK Välk. The placings were already fixed, but there is a certain rivalry between the two teams.

The game had not really started when, after only 27 seconds, Viking’s Svarogin was sent off ice again for boarding with a 5 + 20 penalty. A small shock to the hosts, this 5-minute power play for Välk survived harmless. Välk continued his pressure-volley game and led by Parras 1-0 in the middle of the period (10.). Tallinn caught up with this goal again and after a single action by Kolenchukov he managed to equalize 1-1 (12.). It still developed a good game and even a good action by Jastrebov on Titarenko, this scored the 2-1 (14.).

There were some good chances for Tallinn in the middle period, but Välk Goalie Bek was a sure support for your team. Välk, however, was on the offensive, the punchier team and after a solo of only 19-year-old Dmitri Kuznetsov, this increased to 3-1 (27.). Tallinn now switched to more offensive and weakened by the defense. Välk came to good counterattack attacks and after one such Titarenko scored, with his second goal, the 4-1 (32.). That was a small preliminary decision in this game. Tallinn was not stuck back and after a solo by Alexander Kuznetsov this shortens to 2-4 (34.).

In the third period Välk was the controlling team and after only 46 seconds Robushkin makes the 5-2 all clear, the pass came from Jastrebov. Just one minute later, Sokolov finished the 6-2 draw (42.). After that, Leader Leader also did not have much of a chance to win, celebrating a sure win and starting with confidence in the play-offs.

HC Viking Tallinn vs HK Välk 494 2-6 (1-2, 1-2, 0-2)