Narva PSK defeats Everest in last game in the regular season away 7-5.

In the last game of the regular season Everest had the third placed Narva PSK guest. The positions for the play-offs were taken, so it was about finding the right strategy for the upcoming play-off games and trying out a few things.

Narva was able to win all past five games, and that should not change today. Everest, on the other hand, did not want to play a victim role and also kept up very well at times. Narva was the team with the clear better chances and Petrov scored in a power play the logical lead to 1-0 (5.). Narva continued and only two minutes later, Nevzorov scored a pass from Minin to make it 2-0 (7.). Everest came to one or another chance, but Narva Goalie Seppenen was there. When Puzakov scored the 3-0 (12.) shortly after halftime of the period, many thought it was. Within 20 seconds, Everest made the game exciting again. After a pass from Lupanov Fedorovits meets to 1-3 (15.) and only 19 seconds Gushchin scored the 2-3 and makes it exciting again.

Narva recalled his strengths after the break and did not let Everest play. After a remarkable solo attempt Kulakov increased to 4-2 (28.). Everest was still not beaten and came to a power play. After a good play-game by Levin, Kudinov scored the 3-4 (35.) and gave hope. However, Everest had to take a penalty and Narva had again a power play, which was also exploited. After Kulakov’s assist scored Puzakov the 5-3 (39.) before half-time.

The final period was also very varied. A few minutes after the restart, Nevzorov, after Petrov’s pass, faces 6-3 (43.) and many thought the game was now decided. But Everest gave everything again and Baranev shortened to 4-6 (50.). The final decision is made by Nevzorov, who scored 7-4 with his third goal in the match (53.). Sergey scored the 5-7 (60.) for Everest in a power play seconds before the end, but that did not change anything at the game’s end.

HC Everest vs Narva PSK 5-7 (2-3, 1-2, 2-2)