Hockey Punks win again the away game at Kaunas with 2-1 and lead in the series also with 2-1.

After the unfortunate “last minute” defeat at home against Kaunas, the punks in the series wanted to submit again.

The Punks with the better start and after a very successful attack Slikas scored the lead to 1-0 (5.). However, Kaunas came to a power play shortly thereafter, as Punks’s player Bacevicius had to go to the penalty box. This remained as unused as shortly after a power play for the punks. With this brief lead it went into the first break.

At the beginning of the middle period, the punks came to a power-play opportunity, but they could not score goals in it. A little later, Kaunas’s Jagelavicius hit the bench and the punks had another power play. This time, this opportunity was used, and Kulesius used a pass from rybakov to 2-0 (30.). Then it became hectic again and penalties followed for both teams.

With the start of the final third, the punks got a penalty for delaying the game and had to start with one less player. Kaunas took advantage of this opportunity and Zukauskas could shorten his goal to 1-2 (42.). Kaunas now saw a chance to come back. Both teams were now taking full risk and there were plenty of chances on both sides. In between, there was a power play, but remained without a goal. Towards the end it got really turbulent. after a foul a nice “old school”-hockey brawl developed. When the situation calmed down, four players, Babic and Nikulin from Kaunas, and from punks Zheltakov and Pikcius, had to sit in the penalty box. In the final minute Kaunas tried everything again, took a time-out and twice went Goalie Pavliukov from the ice. It took advantage of nothing more, the punks win game three and go in the series with 2-1 lead.

Kaunas Hockey vs Hockey Punks 1-2 (0-1, 0-1, 1-0) – Series: 1-2