Mogo celebrates a 7-0 win over Riga Prizma and Saulietis scores four goals

Mogo also wanted to win the second game in the series, Riga Prizma, however, wanted to bring the series equalization with a surprise.

But Mogo immediately took command and literally tied prizma. After a pass from Maslovskis to Saulietis this scored the rapid 1-0 lead for the favorites (7.). Of course, Prizma had to go on the offensive to make room for the Mogo attacks. Just three minutes into the lead, Saulietis scored after a remarkable solo to 2-0 (10.). Mogo relented and then Marenis put in a power play 3-0, the game was decided early (12.). Prizma was also unable to turn the game around during this period.

Even in the middle period Prizma rarely came before the gate of Mogo, also could Goalie Ancs fend off these opportunities. It was a fair game in which Mogo was clearly the better team. A new pass from Maslovskis to Saultietis and he scored the 4-0 (35.) with his third goal in the match. Shortly thereafter, Prizma came to a power play. However, this rare opportunity Mogo took advantage of a mistake in the game setup of Prizma. Grincinskis came to the puck and with a short-handed goal he scored the 5-0 (37.). The team of Prizma just did not get into the game, too dominant the way of playing Mogo, even in a power play for the opponent.

With this clear lead Mogo went quieter in the end period in the game. Even then Prizma was hardly dangerous, Mogo clearly controlled the game. Mogo came to a power play. After another nice combination of Mogo’s Siksnis, the dozen became full. Ziemins uses his pass to 6-0 (51.). Prizma’s defensive then finally broke up after this goal. Seconds later, Saulietis, also in a power play, faces 7-0 (52.). That was already his fourth goal in this game. After that, not much happened and Mogo sends Prizma home with a debacle. Player of the evening was Saulietis, who contributed significantly with four goals and an assist to this victory. In addition, Mogo Goalie Ancs celebrates his first shut-out in the play-offs and a 2-0 lead in the series.

HK Mogo vs HK Riga Prizma 7-0 (3-0, 2-0, 2-0) – Series: 2-0