Dynamo Moscow lays the foundation for the rise against Jokerit with five goals in the starting period. Lok wins thanks to a strong middle period and Ufa celebrates a 3-2 overtime victory against Magnitogorsk.

Salavat Yulaev had the chance to finish the series against Metallurg Magnitogorsk with a home victory. The guests were under pressure to force and tried to force the necessary success. However, the home team from Ufa had the first Torchace in the match. Khokhryakov was perfectly served, but Metallurg goalkeeper Koshechkin was at the post. Metallurg was only really dangerous with an Antipin shot and Ufa made the lead in the 15th minute. Salavat Yuleav took his place in front of goal and Hartikainen came to the puck free-standing, scoring no chance for Koshechkin. With this 2-0 lead, it went into the first break.

In the second period Ufa found two opportunities in power play at the start by Kugryshev and Omark. Afterwards Ufa controlled the game. Only a serious mistake by Semyonov before his own goal allowed Magnitogorsk through Ellison a great opportunity to equalize. Goalie Metsola made up for this mistake. As a result, Ufa had a lot of puck ownership but relatively little chance. This game also made sure that the guests barely came before the gate. Only in the 30th Minute once a lot of space for Ufa, but in a 2-on-1 situation Tkachyov recklessly missed this opportunity. Of the guests, except a shot attempt by Mozyakin, was still little to see.

At the end of the period there was a powerplay for the guests. This went well for Metallurg and so scored Bulir, after a play from Shore outgoing, and the ideal pass from Mozyakin, in the 37th minute to 1-1 equalizer. Ufa demanded a video evidence, they had previously seen offside. The goal was given as good so Magnitogorsk remained in the majority. But this had an end quickly after a penalty against Antipin. Three seconds before the break, it was very fast, when the puck came to shore, this fed very undisturbed on the Ufa goalie and scored successfully. Magnitogorsk took a fortune 2-1 after 40 minutes.

The home team responded and clearly sought the faster way towards the guests goal. Therefore, there were also good opportunities. After a missed Poer play it was Omark in the 45 minutes with probably the best compensation possibility. Metallurg, on the other hand, waited for counterattack. These were also revealed and so the game had its best phase. Eight minutes before the end Metallurg had a powerplay in which captain Mozyakin tried a solo. This led to a break and Koshechkin had to save. Metallurg continued to be dangerous in those two minutes, but Ufa survived those critical moments and was immediately re-activated by Omark himself. In the final phase Ufa pressed vehemently and this was rewarded 46 seconds before the end by a deflected goal by Hartikainen. Thus, the Finn made it with his second goal in this game that it went into extra time.
In overtime, it took 12 minutes for salavat Yulaev to finish the series with a 3-2 win with a Kemppainen goal. Player of the evening at Ufa was certainly Hartikainen. In addition to his two goals, he also gave an assist in the all-important goal.

Salavat Ufa vs Metallurg  3-2 OT (1-0, 0-2, 1-0, 1-0) – Series: 4-2

Dynamo Moscow had the second chance to shoot Jokerit out of the playoffs after the defeat in Helsinki today. The first chance in the game was won by the Finns. A solid shot from Cajkovsky past Jokerit goalkeeper Kalnins followed in the 7th minute to make it 1-0. Scarcely a minute later, Jokerit was penalized and Dynamo Moscow beat Bryukvin 2-0 in the first powerplay of the match. Now it was really good for Dynamo. When the Finns did not put the puck out of danger in the 11th minute, Yefremov made it 3-0. Then there was staring on both sides and more Dynamo goals. Thus, in a 4-on-4 situation Zaitsev hit with a slap shot for four goals leadership. For Jokerit goalie Kalnins the game was over in the 13th minute and back-up goalie Zapolski came on the ice. But not five minutes later, he also had to give up. Platt and Niemi were on the penalty bench and Tarasov used this advantage to make it 5-0 in the 18th minute.

Those who had hoped that Jokerit might find their way back into the game were taught better in the 27th minute. The Finns survived another power play. But two seconds after Lauridsen came back, Kagarlitsky met with a one-timer to 6-0 lead. After that, emotions erupted and in the 40th minute Jokerit came through Jensen at least once for the first goal. In the final third, the Finns, after the 2-6 by Anttila, again hoped for a miracle. But this goal was the last of the Finnish KHL club this season and with the eighth victory of the season in the 10th game, Dynamo Moscow secures the rise in the Conference Semifinals.

Dynamo Moscow vs Jokerit Helsinki 6-2 (5-0, 1-1, 0-1) – Series 4-2

The HC Sochi was in home game against Lokomotiv under massive pressure. It had the third home win in order not to be sent into the summer break. Sochi again showed a strong performance and went through a power play goal by Rosén in the 11th minute 1-0 lead. Lok was again the better team on the ice and equalized in the 15th minute by Misyul. In the second section, there was a real torrent. After Lokomotiv Yaroslavl drew 3-1 with two Kraskovsky goals in the 28th and 29th minutes, Bakos equalized for Sochi just two minutes later. Sochi conceded a penalty in the 30th minute and this overpayment game used Apalkov to 4-2. In the 39th minute it was even Nakládal 5-2 for the guests. In the final period of the HC Sochi tried again probably to come up. The fourth victory in the series Lok could not take more. With two home victories, the HC Sochi but still be quite satisfied with this West Conference quarterfinals.

HC Sochi vs Lokomotiv Yaroslavl 2-5 (1-1, 1-4, 0-0) – Series 2-4