SKA wins Game 6 at Spartak Moscow 2-1 and celebrates their fourth win in a row – Torpedo Novgorod wins the home game against Barys 3-1 and enforces a crucial seventh game.

Spartak Moscow was called after last three defeats in a row. It had their first home win against SKA in these playoffs ago, so as not to be sent into the summer break. Both teams started at high speed but little risk. The guests dared to do a little more and so had more game play. The first big opportunity then in the 5th minute, as Spartak player Kalinin played the puck Koskiranta. This led on Yakupov and his shot narrowly missed the Spartak goal. Scarcely a minute later Kalinin was free on the other side, but also the Spartak player shot just past the score.

In the 8th minute, the first power play in the game, as Tokranov moved the puck out of the field. Spartak, however, recorded only a real shot by Vishnevsky. SKA remained more active and more dangerous in front of goal. So Koskiranta had a good chance of the lead in the first majority of the guests. Spartak goalie Hudacek was on hand with a save with his catching hand. In the second period, the advantages increased for St. Petersburg, but the home side had the first chance after a break from Kotlyarevsky. There were hardly any interruptions during this phase and the game ran for six minutes without a whistle from the referee. In this phase, there was the big chance of SKA by a Gusev rod shot. In the 36th minute then the deserved lead of the guests. After a shot by Zub Hudacek was only able to defend briefly and Gusev scored with his sixth playoff goal the 1-0 for SKA. SKA tried after zusetz, but Spartak went with this 0-1 deficit in the second break.

SKA just did not let Spartak get into the game in the third period. Even SKA was outnumbered by Pavel Datsyuk and only once by Gusev dangerous. Now the game was a bit cramped and Spartak tried desperately to get in front of the goal of SKA Goalie Hellberg. In the 55th minute came after a Zub foul to a good opportunity. Spartak was probably able to create pressure, but with Leshchenko there was only one really dangerous shot attempt. Spartak was simply unable to make it to the SKA zone and SKA made the preliminary decision in the 58th minute. Datsyuk initiated a break. The captain unselfishly gave the puck to Plotnikov and this had no problems to raise to 2-0. 76 seconds before the end there was the expected Spartak goal. Here Zubov met in a lying down to 1-2. Now it was a hot final minute with a good chance for Kulik, but St. Petersburg came over the time. This puts SKA St. Petersburg in a 0-2 draw, thanks to four wins in a row, but still in the next play-off round. Spartak, on the other hand, failed to win at least one home game.

Spartak Moscow vs SKA St. Petersburg 1-2 (0-0, 0-0, 1-2) – Series: 2-4

In Novgorod, the home team was also forced to win to stay in the playoff race. Barys had better chances in the starting period. It was Valk with the first big chance. After that, both teams tried mostly with long shots. Only a counterattack was a real threat to baryas but Calof forgave miserably. A mistake by Frattin then brought the 1-0 lead for Torpedo, while Pashin concluded with a shot from the wrist. Goalie Brust kept on without mistakes and it went into the middle period. At first torpedo by Miele was dangerous. Then came a pressure phase of the guests and after good shot opportunities of Semyonov and Blacker Akolzin was able to compensate in the 29th minute to 1-1. Two minutes later Torpedo led but again, while Alyayev scored exactly in the crosscorner to 2-1.

In the 35th minute, Novgorod took the lead in the powerplay. Valk was on the penalty bench and after a good chance for Holm scored Galuzin successfully to 3-1.
In the final period, the legionaries continued to make a strong impact on Barys, but Brust could not be defeated again. Astana even gave away a 54-second, two-time power play. Four minutes before the end, Nizhny Novgorod also had the opportunity to make a premature decision in 5 against 3, but Holm’s chances aside, did not turn up. Therefore, the Kaschen could continue to hope. These brought more than two minutes from the end Goalie Karlsson from the ice. But he returned quickly, as Dietz had to take a penalty, and to give Torpedo no shot opportunity on the empty goal. Barys risked further, and a Torpedo defender had to knock a puck off their own goal line 46 seconds before the end, for the defeated goalie chest. Torpedo was a 3-1 win and the only game 7 of the first KHL Gagarin Cup round is on Sunday in Astana.

Nizhny Novgorod vs Barys Astana 3-1 (1-0, 2-1, 0-0) – Series: 3-3