League Champion HK Kurbads defeated HK Zemgale 3-0 and leads in the series 2-0.

After the very clear opening victory against Zemgale, the current Latvian champions HK Kurbads wanted to reload in the second home game and put in the Seire to 2-0. Zemgale, on the other hand, wanted to return the favor and forget the defeat.

Kurbads also started as in Game 1 and put Zemgale under pressure. The guests could counter and also played along. As a result, there was fast play-off hockey. At halftime of the period Kurbads leads the way. After a pass from Cipulis Straupe scored the 1-0 lead (10.). Zemgale was now challenged, but could not put the chances offered in goals. In addition, Kurbad’s goalie Calpa was further motivated by the shut-out in the first game, and he grew beyond himself.

Even after the break, there was an interesting game, with many chances to score. Like his opposite Calpa, Zemgale goalie Cimermanis was also able to stage a few good saves. Kurbads came after a few minutes to a power play and take advantage of the same. After a good play-build, after a pass from Upitis, Sprukts scored the 2-0 (27.). The guests now had to invest even more in the offensive, which, however, brought more opportunities for Kurbads. But both goalies and the good defensive work of both teams did not allow any further goals.

At the beginning of the final period Kurbads wanted to make everything clear and started very purposefully towards Zemgale Tor. After a good attack, there was power play for the current champion. Of course, this opportunity was not missed by Kurbad, and after a pass from Gipters, Freimanis made it 3-0 (49.). That was also a preliminary decision in this game. Zemgale tried again to approach, however, Kurbads was very self-confident due to the clear leadership. Kurbads was in control of the match until the end of the match and wins the second game without conceding and Calpa celebrates his second shut-out in a play-off series.

HK Kurbads vs HK Zemgale 3-0 (1-0, 1-0, 1-0) – Series: 2-0