In an exciting play-off game, Mogo defeats Riga Prizma 4-3 and leads 1-0 in the series.

Today, HK Mogo, first after the regular season, faced Riga Prizma. In the regular season Prizma can win at least two games, and so the team pays off chances in the play-offs.

Prizma started very well and was in the third minute by Bisenieks 1-0 lead. However, soon after received a penalty and Mogo had the first power play. The favorite takes advantage of this opportunity and Marenis, who returned yesterday from Dinamo Riga, scored the equal to 1-1 (4.). After that, a real play-off game developed, fast and many good chances for both teams. Shortly before the first break Mogo came back to a power play. This was also used, and Zelubovskis brings Mogo 2-1 lead (18.). At this goal, Marenis was involved again, he gave the first Assist.

Also in the middle period it went back and forth. Mogo with slightly better chances, but Prizma Goalie Auzins fought off with good saves. The visitors were dangerous in the rare counterattack, but Mogo’s defense was very safe. Shortly after halftime the game Saviels brings with his pass Siksnis into the game and this scored the 3-1 (31.). Prizma did not give up and could beat away later. After a pass from Smirnovs to Riekstins, he scored the 2-3 (13.). It remained exciting until the second break, so it went into an exciting final period.

Also in the final period great ice hockey was offered. There were many good chances for both teams who did not give anything away. After a quick action by Mogo, Marenis scored the 4-2 (51.) with his second goal in the match. Prizma now put everything on one card and risked a lot by often clearing the defensive. This measure paid off. Smirnov plays the puck to Riekstins and this scored the 3-4 (53.), and makes the game exciting again with this goal. Prizma made another pressure towards the end of the game and also took goalie from the ice. But Mogo was too routine and brought this result over time. The return of Marenis to Mogo was worth the gold, as the striker completed a 3-point game (two goals and one assist). This Mogo leads in the series 1-0.

HK Mogo vs HK Riga Prizma 4-3 (2-1, 1-1, 1-1) – Series: 1-0