Just in time for the play-off match against Riga Prizma, HK Mogo is stepping up with Rihards Marenis of Dinamo Riga.

Rihards Marenis, the late 25-year-old debutant of Riga Dinamo, has made his way in ice hockey. At the age of 17, marenis moved to Canada, twice winning the championship with the North Iowa Bulls (NA3HL), earning much of the Aurora University study fees. In Latvia, Marenis showed his talent at an early age, but due to injuries, he was not used in either the U-18 or the U-20. For the first time in 2015 Marenis was called up in the national team. In February 2018, he was invited by coach Bob Hartley to a “screening tournament”. But it was not enough for the World Cup in Copenhagen. For Dinamo Riga he was in the KHL for 33 games in action and scored four goals. Now he returns to Mogo, where he has already completed seven games at the beginning of the championship, back for the play-offs.