SKA St.Petersburg take the lead in the series against Spartak thanks to a 2-1 home victory. Barys Astana celebrated a safe 3-1 win over Torpedo.

In St. Petersburg SKA wanted to end the series of away wins. Spartak won games 1 and 2 in St.Petersburg, while SKA won twice in Moscow.

SKA player Kuzmenko also got a good chance in the second minute. His shot was too direct and so no problem for Spartak goalie Hudacek. Shortly thereafter Spartak was allowed to act for the first time in excess, but really dangerous the team from Moscow was not. Only when SKA was complete was Khokhlachev only just missing the shot. But also SKA could not set any real accents in the first powerplay and so did very little in the first 10 minutes. Spartak then had the better chances. First, Kotlyarevsky forgave and with Zubov another Spartak player found opportunity to lead. SKA, however, did not manage to be dangerous, only Kuzmenko failed just before the break, as at the beginning of the game, to Hudacek.

In the second period followed the deserved lead of the guests. After SKA survived a penalty, they wanted to quickly switch to offensive. It was a mistake and Hudacek initiated a quick attack on Fyodorov, which Zlobin successfully completed in the 25th minute to 1-0. After that it became hectic again and there were minor problems and SKA could not develop any top chances. So only Gusev and Gavrikov were only halfway dangerous.

SKA started with a power play in the third period. However, as Spartak continued to play very cleverly, St. Petersburg was still struggling and could barely score in front of the visitors. In the 49th minute but again a power play for SKA. This time it worked again as desired and Maxim Karpov meets after only 21 seconds to 1-1 equalizer. Now the home team tried after zusetzten but Osipov conceded, after a foul on the Spartak Tor at Beloveine, penalty. This phase survived Spartak, but soon followed by a wild attack by Goncharov to SKA player Prokhorkin, who had nose bleeding from the ice. The Spartak player got away with a two-minute penalty. More than one Gusev and one Hersley Chance did not look out in a row.

Five seconds before Goncharov returned from the penalty box the free standing Rundblad was found. This scored in the 55th minute St. Petersburg the 2-1 and the lead. But SKA was also carried away to stupid penalties and so there was a foul on Belov Fyodorov off the match. Spartak then played a good powerplay and Goncharov and Talaluyev found good balance chances. SKA played quite cleverly down the time. Spartak got a last chance nine seconds before the end through Osipov. In the end, SKA won 2-1 and with this first home win in the series for the first time in front and can now bring on Friday in Moscow cause the decision.

SKA St. Petersburg vs Spartak Moscow 2-1 (0-0, 0-1, 2-0) – Series: 3-2

Both, Baris Astana and Nizhny Novgorod, were able to win their two opening home games. This was followed by a rather clear result always an overtime. Astana was once again the game-determining team. The first chance in the game but found the guests from Novgorod through Semin. In the 7th minute followed a turnover and after a mistake of goalie Brust Frattin did very easily to bring Barys into the lead. Five minutes later, a puck loss of the hosts in the neutral zone and in a 2-0 situation scored Bochenski after Petersson Pass goalie Brust a second time. The period ended with a shot from Maklyukov but the Torpedo goalie stopped.

In the second period, the preliminary decision followed, as Barys put on a good powerplay and Petersson scored in rebound in the 26th minute to 3-0. Traktor made mistakes again and Astana found a good chance after another turnover. But Valk failed at the Torpedo Goalie. Torpedo scored the first goal in the final period. Sabolic prevailed against two Astana players and defeated Karlsson with a shot under the crossbar. Shortly thereafter, Novgorod had to unlucky, as Jesse Blacker promoted the puck even before the line under his goalie and could thus prevent the goal. Torpedo weakened in the closing stages, but at the start of the 57th minute, Barys Asetov was sent to the penalty box. A minute later Torpedo tried without goalie. Sabolic had a good shot and Miele also found a good chance. With luck and thanks to goalkeeper Karlsson, the Kazakhs took over the lead over time and thus lead in the series again with 3-2.

Barys Astana vs. Nizhny Novgorod 3-1 (2-0, 1-0, 0-1) – Series 3-2