League champion Energija defeats Iron Wolf 7-3 and leads as expected in the series 1-0.

The match between Energija and Iron Wolf should be a clear one, as Energija won all six games in the regular season.

At the beginning, however, Energija had to survive two Power-Play games for Iron Wolf, too energetic went the favorite in this first play-off game. Iron Wolf could not take this opportunity, and so Energija now pressure. A nice, fast move from Vitte to Milasius brought the 1-0 lead (14.). This goal also solved the apparent tension and only one minute later scored Kazlauskas to 2-0 (15.). The game was already in the beginning in one direction. Iron Wolf was never able to grab the game. A few minutes before the break, Iron Wolf had a next power play. But with a quick counterattack by Energija’s Vitte, scored he with a short-handed goal the 3-0 (19.) and also the preliminary decision.

Energija took the momentum and comfortable advantage in the middle of the period. After a good action Kubelius scores for 4-0 (28.). Shortly thereafter, the host came to a power play, as Iron Wolf’s Cetvertak had to sit down because of slashing in the penalty box. Energija could not miss this opportunity and Kubelius scored the 5-0 (30.) with his second goal. At halftime of the game, and at this game-score, Energija’s Goalie Ponomarenko left the ice and it comes the only 19-year-old back-up goalie Karla. However, this had to plug in a power play for his team, a short-handed goal by Iron Woof, Fedorovicius scored after a solo the 1-5 (31.). When, after a few minutes, Bisturys scored the 2-5 (34.), hope came up at Iron Wolf. However, this was taken just two minutes later, as Evstigneev a pass from Kazlauskas to 6-2 utilized (36.).

In the final period, Iron Wolf tried everything that was lacking in energy and energy for two power plays. These remained unused. The momentum from this phase was taken into the rest of the game and Kazlauskas scored the 7-2 (56.). Iron Wolf scored just before the end by Cerniauskas the 3-7 (58.). That’s what it was in this game and Energija is expected to lead 1-0 in the series.

Energija Elektrenai vs Gelezinis “Iron Wolf” Vilkas 7-3 (3-0, 3-2, 1-1) – Series: 1-0