Kurbads defeated Zemgale impressively 3-0 and goes in the series 1-0 lead.

The first play-off game of the current season was Kurbads against Zemgale. In the regular season Zemgale won four out of six games. But the play-offs are about everything or nothing.

In the first third, it was a real play-off game. Both teams looked for the way to the goal success and there is nothing to worry about. Fast moves and great combinations were offered to the fans. Both goalies, both Kurbad’s Calpa and Zemgale’s Cimermanis, were able to excel on several occasions, saving their side from a goal. Kurbads but in attack a little more dangerous. After a well-executed move by Sprukts this brings the puck to Augustkaalns, he scored the few minutes before the break to 1-0 for Kurbads (17.).

This goal gave the home team even more confidence, which continued in the middle period, and Kurbads had a power play to it. It was only 46 seconds played when Freimanis scored, after pass from Gipters, the 2-0 (21.). Zemgale was now challenged and attacked. Thereby, however, there was more room for the fast counters of Kurbads. Kurbads came in the course of this period again to a power play. Kurbad did not miss the opportunity, and after a passing game by Sprukts, Cipulis makes the deciding, 3-0 (35.). With this comfortable 3-goal advantage Kurbads played down the rest of the time in this period and it went into the final period, where, of course Zemgale will spend all the time to get back into the game.

It followed an exciting game, which controlled Kurbads, however, due to the projection. Zemgale played was visually with, but the huge opportunities remained out. Zemgale was not really in a position to turn this game around. Kurbads was just too strong and a secure defensive bag gave the team additional stability. The final point in this game was set by hartmanis, who scored 4-0 with six seconds to go before Goalie Calpa celebrated a shut-out. With this victory, Kurbads is in the lead 1-0 in the lead.

HK Kurbads (2) vs HK Zemgale (3) 4-0 (1-0, 2-0, 1-0) – Series: 1-0