Spartak vs SKA

KHL Play-Offs 2018-19 Conference 1/4-Final Spartak Moscow – SKA St.Petersburg #38 Ilya Zubov, #77 Anton Belov, #94 Alexander Barabanov, #4 Jarno Koskiranta © Robanser

CSKA and Avtomobilist reach sweep in the next play-off round – SKA St.Petersburg score 2-2 at Spartak with a 3-2 win and Traktor celebrates after a 0-2 and 2-4 deficit a 5-4 Overtime victory over Astana.

After SKA St.Petersburg was able to write to them for the first time with their deserved 5-2 victory at Spartak last Saturday, the favorite wanted to follow suit today and achieve the series equalizer. In the first 20 minutes there was only one penalty today. The first chance in the game had Spartak by Hanzl. After that SKA goalie Hellberg got very little to do. SKA dominated the game in the sequence and worked through Plotnikov and Gavrikov also scoring chances. Yakupov forgot the best option when he could not place the puck on the already beaten Hudacek in goal. Just before the first break Gusev also left out a hundred percent chance. This allowed Spartak to be quite happy about this 0-0 after 20 minutes.

In the second period but then the lead for the guests. The St. Petersburg players had plenty of room to combine. Yakupov used that to beat Hudacek with a one-timer from close range in the 26th minute. For the 25-year-old, this was also his first career PlayOff goal. Spartak tried very hard in the episode, but it just could not get to the SKA goal. In the 31st minute then a nice quick combination of the hosts, as Lisin ideally Karsums served in his 500 KHL game, but this failed only just short of SKA goalkeeper Hellberg. This opportunity gave Spartak new momentum and the public the necessary backing. It was followed by a good shot attempt by Goncharov. SKA retook control of the game in the closing stages.

Spartak went into the third period with great momentum, and Goncharov with another big chance. SKA barely came out of its own zone at this stage. In the 44th minute Plotnikov had after a solo 2-0 in mind, but this was prevented by Hudacek. Spartak found but always the way in front of the guests gate. But SKA was too routine. When Spartak’s Kulik came into the penalty area in the 50th minute, only 14 seconds later, Tokranov slammed the puck unspeakably into the long cross. This led the guests with 2-0. Now St. Petersburg controlled the game again. But of all SKA captain Datsyuk brought Spartak back in the game with his penalty in the 56th minute. As Kulik met with a shot just seven seconds later to 2-1. The next attack of the hosts made for a durable shot that Hellberg slipped over the catching hand, by Lisin to 2-2 equalizer. As a result, SKA had again lost a two-goal lead, as in Game 2.

In the 58th minute followed by the next penalty against SKA, as Barabanov the Spartak player Goncharov with the bat pulled the helmet from the head. But Spartak conceded just a few seconds later a penalty. This time there was no goal in the final seconds and so it went into extra time. Spartak found the first chance through Talaluyev. In the 65th minute then a mistake by Hudacek and SKA player Yakupov came behind the gate to the puck. After the pass to Rundblad this finished with a shot under the crossbar the game with the 3-2 winning goal. This SKA succeeded after two home defeats in Moscow to compensate for the series again.

Spartak Moscow vs SKA St. Petersburg 2-3 OT (0-0, 0-1, 2-1, 0-1) – Series 2-2

CSKA Moscow gave Vityaz very little chance of returning to the series in Game 4. In addition to the 3-0 series lead in the 4th minute Grigorenko could quickly bring the army team in the lead. In the tenth minute Kaprizov used the first power play of the match (2 minutes against Komarov) for the 2-0 lead. After this goal, Ortio arrived at the place of Samonov in the Vityaz gate and the hosts tried again to come up.
This was achieved by Shvets-Rogovoy in the 25th minute of the game to 1-2. There were still good chacas for both sides, with CSKA scoring two goals in the lead 42 seconds before the second break. After a pass from Kaprizov Grigorenko scored the Puck with his second goal to 3-1 lead into the Podolsk goal.

Kaprisov was the first to test Vityaz Goalie Ortio in the third period. CSKA continued to easily manage the result against Podolsk. After Grigorenko still had the chance to score his third goal, Vityaz simply could not gain more and had to accept a sweep (Series 0-4) with this defeat. CSKA is the first team in the West Conference Semifinals.

Vityaz Podolsk vs CSKA Moscow 1-3 (0-1, 1-1, 0-0) – Seris 0-4

Avtomobilist had in a duel with Traktor Chelyabinsk with a win the chance to make everything clear. But this project was not so easy. Traktor had the ideal start to the game thanks to Glinkin’s opening goal after just 74 seconds. In the 6th minute Isayev even increased to 2-0 for the home team from Chelyabinsk. In the 11th minute Avtomobilist had to do without Da Costa. This checked with the elbow Thomas and received for it a 5 minute penalty. Traktor could not beat it. The first period belonged to the end of the home team.

The playful odds and penalties brought Avtomobilist back to the game in the middle of the second-third. Thus, Petrov retired with a foul and a five-minute penalty from the game. Avtomobilist, unlike Traktor, used this Power-Play game. First, Krikunov (32.) defeated Demchenko from close range and only 25 seconds later Litovchenko equalized after a short defense of the Traktor Goalies to 2-2.

In the final period Chelyabinsk could submit by Sharov after exactly 41 minutes but again. This time, Yekaterinburg did not even need 90 seconds to equalize through Sexton. Litovchenko even put the visitors ahead in the 45th minute. Since Traktor was allowed to pass two overpay games unused, Yekaterinburg celebrated with the 4-3 success the fourth victory in the series and sends the tractor into the summer break.

Tractor Chelyabinsk vs Avtomobilist 3-4 (2-0, 0-2, 1-2) – Series: 0-4

In the duel between Barys and Torpedo Novgorod Astana looked in the fourth game after 20 minutes already clear winner. The Kazakhs led with goals from Cormier in the 8th minute, Akolzin (15th) and Frattin (17th) already with 3-0. In the second period Torpedo did better and in the 31st minute Volchenkov scored for Novgorod for the first time. In the 37th minute Varnakov scored the crucial goal for the 2-3. In the 50th minute, however, it seemed as if Barys could win this game after 60 minutes when Valk scored for 4-2. Torpedo threw everything forward. With goals from Zhafyarov in the 58th minute and Parshin 67 seconds before the end but still for the comeback of the home team.

This went back to overtime. It took a really long time, but in the second overtime the emotions came out. First, Bary’s player Svedberg was sent to the penalty box for 2 + 10 minutes. Barys survived this phase, with two penalties in a row against Torpedo. But Barys had with Petersson and Frattin again two players on the penalty bench. In a 4:3 game Torpedo squeezed and in the 96th minute succeeded Galuzin with a long shot, past Barys goalie Hrachovina, the winning goal. This time it’s back to Astana with a comeback win from Torpedo.

Nizhny Novgorod vs Barys Astana 5-4 (0-3, 2-0, 2-1, 1-0) – Series: 2-2