Dynamo Jokerit 2

KHL Play-Offs 2018-19: Conference 1/4-Final Game 4: Dynamo Moscow – Jokerit Helsinki #23 Yevgeni Mozer, #98 Janis Kalnins, #50 Viktor Lööv. VTB Arena, Moscow ©Puckfans.at/Andreas Robanser

Dynamo Moscow take their first home win in this series with a 3-0 win over Jokerit – Avangard shoots defending champion Ak Bars with a sweep out of the playoffs – Sochi equalizes for the first time in club history a series and Metallurg equalizes in Ufa 2-1 Overtime win at 2-2.

After the 3-2 overtime victory and the first win against Dinamo after eight duels, Jokerit hoped in today’s Game 4 in Moscow with another away win in this series, to compensate for 2-2. There was again a brisk start and in the first four minutes of the game there were only two interruptions.

Jokerit got a bit stronger in the beginning and O’Neill took the first chance, while goalie Yeryomenko, who played for Dynamo today, stopped. After that, the home team became stronger, with most of the danger coming from Indrasis. In the 17th minute then the 1-0 lead for the blue from Moscow, while Bryukvin was able to fake a shot by Zackrisson unsustainable for Kalnins.

Dynamo vs Jokerit 3

KHL Play-Offs 2018-19: Conference 1/4-Final Game 4: Dynamo Moscow – Jokerit Helsinki #93 Peter Regin, #98 Janis Kalnins, # 70 Miks Indrasis. VTB Arena, Moscow ©Puckfans.at/Andreas Robanser

In the second period, Dynamo came under pressure again with penalties. In the starting phase of the second period, Moiseyev and Yefremov had two players in the penalty box within 51 seconds. Jokerit squeezed and goalie Yeryomenko was under continuous firing. Dynamo survived this phase. In the 35th minute, the next penalty against Moscow, and shortly afterwards there was a minor brawl. Now it was time again for the Dynamo goal, but Zackrisson brought the puck out of the zone and after a double pass with Kagarlitsky he scored in the 36th minute with a short-handed goal for two-goal lead. In the 39th minute, a player of the home team had again on the penalty bench, but Jokerit managed again no power play goal.

In the last 20 minutes, Helsinki tried in vain to defeat Goalie Yeryomenko. For example, Lööv tried in the 49th minute. In addition, Jokerit awarded yet another overpayment game and is thus in this year’s playoffs without preponderance goal there. Joensuu said, referring to the problem, only: “I do not know where it is.” In the 59th minute took Jokerit coach Marjamäki a time out, as it gave Bully before the Dynamo goal.
This bully, however, secured the host. The winner of the duel transported the puck in a high arc directly into the empty opposing goal to 3-0. So this game was over and Dynamo could give the series a turn again. With a 3-1 lead, it’s time to go back to Helsinki.

Fotogalerie Dynamo Moscow vs Jokerit, Game 4

Dynamo Moscow vs Jokerit Helsinki 3-0 (1-0, 1-0, 1-0) – Series: 3-1

The HC Sochi had today against Lokomotiv Yaroslavl the opportunity to write club history. Never before has the leopard managed to win two games in a playoff series. This spoke however before the game but rather for the guests from Yaroslavl. Sochi did everything to create the series compensation. Sochi was in the first section, the better team and the fighting spirit brought in the 15th minute by Stepan Starkov also the 1-0 lead.

The second period then belonged entirely to the guests from Yaroslavl. With much pressure Lok came in the 9th minute through Averin to 1-1 compensation. Sochi made it through a break in the 34th minute again quickly by O’Dell with 2-1 lead to go. Lok immediately tried again to beat Sochi goalie Shikin once again. This did not succeed and so it was Rosén in the 60th minute with the Emty Net goals to 3-1. For the first time Sochi manages to equalize a playoff series from 0-2 to 2-2.

HC Sochi vs Lokomotiv Yaroslavl 3-1 (1-0, 1-1, 1-0) – Series: 2-2

Salavat Yulaev had the chance today to face home fans with a win to 3-1. Metallurg had to react after two deserved defeats to not stand on Tuesday in the third home game with his back to the wall. Metallurg also had the first chance in the game through Pakarinen. Again and again there were smaller and bigger duels. Then in the 7th minute the gloves flew between Panin and Metallurg’s Timkin and for 5 minutes both went to cool down on the penalty box.

The guests were not far from the penalty box and so there were opportunities for Ufa. After a successful peasant trick by Arzamastsev but he had bad luck when he jumped just before the completion of the puck from the stick. Omark and Solodukhin found further opportunities on the opening goal. Ufa started with two men more in the second period, but also this phase survived Metallurg without conceding.

This strengthened the guests and after a punch before the Ufa goal dusted Rasmussen in the 25th minute to 1-0 lead. But Ufa had the right answer, Solodukhin had a very good chance of equalizing and Tkachyov’s 28th-minute shot stayed on the line. Halftime Hartikainen Coast to Coast tried it at Metallurg Torman Zagidulin was the last stop. The guests were able to free themselves in the episode of the pressure something and found just before the end by Ellison a chance on the 2-0 before. With two good saves in the final minute Metallurg goalie Zagidulin also saved the narrow lead into the second break.

In the third period, Ufa did not manage to become really dangerous anymore. Only when in the 47th minute after a long time with Shore again a Metallurg player on the penalty bench, it was again close to the Metallurg goal. Magnitogorsk gives Shore the chance to make the preliminary decision in the 53rd minute. At Ufa Goalie Metsola there was no way around this time. However, the equalizer for Ufa was 5:34 before the end of the match. Kugryshev made a quick break after a turn-over and provided Zharkov with a goal that scored to make it 1-1. Both teams were now looking for the decision but it went into the overtime. There, the guests were brave again and Ellison managed to give a change of direction standing in front of goal. In contrast, Ufa goalkeeper Metsola was powerless and Metallurg Magnitogorsk equalized 2: 2 with this victory in the series.

Salavat Ufa vs Magnitogorsk 1-2 (0-0, 0-1, 1-0, 0-1) – Series: 2-2

In the fourth quarterfinal quarter-final, Avangard Omsk had a sweep to defend title holders Ak Bars Kazan today. The game got off to a good start and Avangard scored the opening goal in the sixth minute. Ak Bars put this away quickly and was only 40 seconds later by Lander in the power play also successful. There was an open game with chances for both teams.

The second period ran, as in the previous games, for Avangard Omsk. In the 25th minute, Ak Bars did not bring the puck out of its own zone. This used Shumakov to re-lead the guests. In the 30th minute sat with Azevedo and Manukhov two Kazan players on the penalty bench. That took Omsk out to 3-1. Avangard had plenty of time until Shumakov scored less with his second goal. Now the defending champion was facing the premature end and awarded on average two more power plays.

However, in the 43rd minute, Glukhov brought his team up again to 2-3 and hope came again in Kazan. However, penalties can not turn a game around and Kazan had to play three times in the remainder of the time with one player less. Omsk also took advantage of this with the 3-2 victory to complete the sweep. Thus, a defending champion retires only for the third time in the KHL history in the first playoff round. But never before did the defending champion say goodbye with a sweep.

AK Bars Kazan vs Avangard Omsk 2-3 (1-1, 0-2, 1-0) – Series 0-4