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Prizma defeats Zemgale after two goals from Berezins 2-0 – Mogo and Kurbads celebrate favorites victories.

League Leader Mogo was a guest at HS Riga today and lived up to Favortien’s role. In a still balanced first period, Riga struggled with good attacks against a defeat. In a power play just minutes before the break for Mogo, Maslovskis scored to make it 1-0 (18.) – the pass came from Demiters.

This goal had a redeeming effect on Mogo, as only 48 seconds into the second half, Maslovskis raised his second goal to 2-0. Although Riga could still play after these two-time unfavorable goals, but seemed very cramped. Although Mogo did playfully, he was still the decisive team. Shortly before the second break Saulietis succeeds with the 3-0 a preliminary decision (38.). Riga still came to a power play and Vitolins takes his chance and shortens 33 seconds before the siren to 1-3 (40.).

In the final period Mogo then made everything within a minute. After a quick move and a pass from Gricinskis to Lipsbergs, he scored the 4-1 (47.) and Krustins exploited a pass from Ziemins to 5-1 (48.). Thus, the game was finally decided in favor of the leader. Slightly more than ten minutes before the end Zelubovskis still scores to 6-1 (50.). Riga succeeds with Skrstins still the 2-6 (53.), that changed nothing more at the end of the game. Mogo consolidates with this victory the leader position in the leaguga.

HS Riga vs HK Mogo 2-6 (0-1, 1-2, 1-3)

HK Riga Prizma are still in third place in the league. But today it was a victory against Zemgale. In the previous four season games, each team has ever won twice. With corresponding motivation, Prizma went into this game. It was played just under minutes, as scored Berzins, after pass by Bessmertnyy, the lead to 1-0 (3.). In the course of the game, both teams donated nothing. It was an open exchange with many good chances on both sides. Both goalies, both Auzins of Prizma and Cimermanis of Zemgale, had an excellent day.

This good game continued on average as well. Many good chances for both teams, but they did not want to score another goal. So it was an exciting ending period. Zemgale presses on the equalizer from the start. For Prizma got more space and after a quick thrust by Brahmanis, scored Berzins with his second goal, the 2-0 (43.). Zemgale increased the pressure and Prizma could hardly free himself. If so, then attacked by a quick counterattack, but most of the defensive or goalie was Cimermani’s terminus. Prizma worked hard to achieve this victory and moved in the table up to four points to Zemgale.

HK Riga Prizma vs HK Zemgale 2-0 (1-0, 0-0, 1-0)

In the third game of the day there were the league Last Lido and the second Kurbads opposite. Kurbads went into this match as the clear favorite, conceding 22 goals to Lido in the last two games.

It was not that easy Lido wanted to do for HK Kurbads. After just 16 seconds of play, Romans scores 1-0 for Lido after a solo. Kurbads had not yet put away this goal, because Galimov increases, also after a solo attempt to 2-0 (4.). Kurbads needed a few minutes to realize this gap, but then remembered his own playing strength. After a pass from Straupe, Gipters scored for the 1-2 (9.), and in a subsequent power play Homjakovs scored to 2-2 (15.).

Kurbads continued his assault on average in the middle period and Cipulis brings his team for the first time with 3-2 (26.). With this goal the spell was broken, Kurbads was clearly the better team now. Lido conceded a penalty in this pressure phase of the guests. In a well-played power play Upitis scored the 4-2 (34.). That was a certain preliminary decision in this game.

In the final period Kurbads put this playful superiority into another goal. Minutes after the restart Freimanis meets 5-2 (43.). When it comes to the end of the game, meets Sprukts in a Power-Paly to 6-2 (56.). Ranevs finished with a 7-2 (57.) just under a minute later. Despite this, Kurbads is still celebrating a full success despite a quick deficit and remains in second place in the league.

HK Lido vs HK Kurbads 2-7 (2-2, 0-2, 0-3)