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KHL Play-Offs 2018-19: Conference 1/4-Final Game 3:Spartak Moscow – SKA St.Petersburg #33 Julius Hudacek, #13 Pavel Datsyuk CSKA Arena, Moscow © Robanser

With the eighth win at Spartak Moscow in a row, SKA St. Petersburg put on 1-2 in the Conference 1/4 finals series – CSKA and Avtomobilist win victory number 3 and tractor shortens against Astana.

Spartak Moscow came back from St. Petersburg with a somewhat surprising 2-0 lead from their away fixture. Now a full arena and a great mood was waiting for game number 3, and for Spartak it was also about winning a home game against SKA for the first time since November 30, 2012.

The game was very emotionally charged right from the start. Therefore, from the very first minute, there were great duels to be seen. Spartak came after a good start in the episode but more and more under pressure. After 15 minutes, Dyblenko was sent off for a two-minute check-in at the penalty box and Hanzl followed just 27 seconds later. This used SKA by Gusev to 1-0 (16.). Then Spartak player Khokhlachev found his Chacne but SKA goalie Shestyorkin cleared. In the final phase Spartak awarded another powerplay without a single chance to score.

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KHL Play Offs 2018-19: Conference 1/4-Final Game 3:Spartak Moscow – SKA St.Petersburg #4 Jarno Koskiranta, #37 Alexander Osipov CSKA Arena, Moscow © Robanser

Spartak remained in the second period of the penalty bench not far away and so found the home team in the 22nd minute again only with three players on the ice. Gusev again took the lead from Gusev after 59 seconds to make it 2-0 (23.), and it was Gavrikov who scored the 3-0 for St. Petersburg after 45 seconds (24.). Who thought Spartak would be beaten, who was wrong. Now the team of coach Yepanchintsev threw everything to the front. This action paid off in the 25th minute through Fyodorov’s 1-3 (25th). Shortly thereafter, SKA star Datsyuk had to go to the penalty box and Spartak tied the SKA players in front of their goal, but the goal did not succeed.

In the 35th minute SKA again showed their strength in power play. Kulik sat on the penalty bench and only 27 seconds later Barabanov struck with the 4-1. Less than 30 seconds later, things went really well, with three players each taking a penalty, with Spartak’s and Goncharov’s Kablukov providing a worthwhile boxing match. This led to a 4:3 power play for Spartak after a game term penalty against goalie Shestyorkin. There was also a moment of shock as Daugavins crashed over the schooners of SKA goalie and then slammed his shoulder and head against the gang. After the game, the diagnosis from the hospital, the Latvian suffered a broken rib and will probably fail for the rest of the season. SKA goalkeeper Hellberg was able to end the hectic period without conceding and SKA went into the break with a three-goal lead.

In the last 20 minutes the situation calmed down and hardly anything happened. In the final minutes Spartak tried at least to come up again. This was also achieved by Zlobin’s goal 118 seconds before the end to 2-4. Spartak still hoped for a little miracle, but this did not happen. So Koskiranta fixed their first ever SKA win with their Emty Net goal 34 seconds before the end to 5:2. It was already clear that for the first time in a series of these two teams both teams could celebrate a victory, this has never been the case.

Fotogalerie Spartak Moscow vs SKA St. Petersburg

Spartak Moscow vs SKA St. Petersburg 2-5 (0-1, 1-3, 1-1) – Series 2-1

In the second West Conference quarterfinals Vityaz had to find a way to defeat CSKA. The chances were not so bad, you could get in the basic round with an overtime defeat and a win in December four points from the two home games. CSKA had clear advantages in the first third as well as in Game 2, but as in the last race, they did not succeed. In the middle period succeeded Shalunov in the 28th minute Although the 1-0 lead, but the use of the hosts and a penalty against Dahlbeck caused in the 39th minute for the unmerged 1-1 equalizer for Vityaz druchYevseyenkov. CSKA had the prompt response at the beginning of the last season, when Robinson brought the army team 2-1 up again in the 45th minute. After that, Podolsk tried to equalize against a strong opponent, but when Slepyshev scored 3-1 for CSKA in the 51st minute, the match was decided. Now Vityaz is under pressure after the third defeat on Monday.

Vityaz Podolsk vs CSKA Moscow 1-3 (0-0, 1-1, 0-2) – Series 0-3

Avtomobilist started with a 2-0 lead from the two home games in this Game 3 in Chelyabinsk. Traktor did not make it easy for the winner of the East Conference. Avtomobilist started very aggressively today and found two chances at the beginning. Traktor barely missed the defensive defensive score. An attempt of Litovchenko from shortest distance could be scratched by a tractor defender, to the middle of the starting period, just from the line. The best tractor opportunity came after a singles action in the 12th minute, Penkovsky before, but he was stopped by Goalie Kovar. Tractor became dangerous only by single action. So Thomas once tried. But this led to a tumult in front of the Avtomobilist goal and a penalty against Thomas. The home team survived these two minutes with great luck and thanks to goalie Sudnitsin. Shortly before the break, the tractor Goalie had to clear against Golyshev and so it went without a goal in the first break.

In the second period then the perfect start for tractor. Avtomobilist did not bring the puck out of the danger zone. Thomas used this mistake to finish with a shot over the pole after only 22 seconds to 1-0 lead score. Now the game changed and Chelyabinsk was the more dangerous team. But Avtomobilist had the best chance of equalizing through a Gareyev singles action. With the middle section, both teams found good chances. It was on the part of Traktor Bergström, who awarded two chances in a row three minutes before the second break.

In the third period Avtomobilist managed a 1-1 equalizer through Obidin in the 43rd minute, so Traktor had to be more active again. A decision was made and it went into the first overtime of this series. There it only took 54 seconds until Litovchenko still fixed the victory of the guests from Yekaterinburg and thus gave the East Conference winner after the basic round a 3-0 lead.

Chelyabinsk vs Avtomobilist 1-2 OT (0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 0-1) – Series 0-3

Barys Astana traveled with a white vest to the games in Novgorod. The home team had to process but the second game in Astana. Since they were already in the lead 4-0 and had beaten at the end but 4-5 in extra time. This bitter defeat also put away Torpedo and did what a home team must do in the playoff. In the second period there were numerous penalties and one of the power plays used the guests by Frattin to 1-0 lead (30.). The penalty-box doors continued to open and Nizhny Novgorod scored the equalizer in the 34th minute with 4 against 4 players. A shorthanded goal from Holm ensured Torpedo’s 2-1 lead two minutes before the second break. The referees also had a lot to do in the shooting third. Semyonov received a five-minute penalty for a stick-sting. This phase and another power play Torpedo but could not use for decision. Only an Emty Net hit in front of Barantsev fixed the 3-1 home win and thus shortened Torpedo in the series to 1-2.

Nizhny Novgorod vs Barys Astana 3-1 (0-0, 2-1, 1-0) – Series 1-2