eestihoki liiga

Välk wins 6-4 against Narva thanks to three goals from Sokolov – Viking Tallin celebrate a tough 4-3 win over Everest.

Liga Last Everest received in the home game Viking Tallinn. The guests go as favorites in this game but had to fight hard to win this game.

Viking uses a power play to lead after just under two minutes. After a pass from Tihhomirov Antonov scored the 1-0. With this fast goal, Tallinn played from chance to chance. Everest received a penalty at this stage and Tallinn came to the next power play. Also, this was used, Tihhomirov validated a pass from Ivanov to 2-0 (15.) Everest but did not let up, and started to counteroffensive. After a solo Rozinko scores to 1-2 (17.). Tallinn was too stormy and 27 seconds before the break Everest succeeds Levin, also after a solo attempt, the equalizer to 2-2 (20.).

After the break Tallinn continued his attacks, and after a few minutes Fedoruk scored in another power play the 3-2 (22.). There was a real exchange of blow both teams sought the direct route to the gate. There were also penalties for both teams, but no goals could be scored. After a good attack, just before the break, Sergeev scores the 3-3 (40.).

In the final period it was also very exciting for the spectators. A quick solo closes Sillandi with the goal to 4-3 for Tallinn (44.). Everest tried to approach again. Tallinn was very close on the defensive and Goalie Teor was very confident. With much effort Tallinn brought this hard-fought victory over time and remains second in the league behind Välk 494.

HC Everest vs Viking Tallinn 3-4 (2-2, 1-1, 0-1)

In the second game Leader Välk 494 visited Narva. Narva has recently lost four games in a row, Välk has been without defeat for ten matches.

Narva started and after only 28 seconds Bogdanov leads his team 1-0 lead. This lead did not last long, only 38 seconds later Sokolov scored for a solo to 1-1. A turbulent start of both teams. As the game progressed, Välk became increasingly superior and after another solo, Sokolov scored his second goal for a 2-1 (5.). This goal strengthened the league leader and Ivanov increased to 3-1 (15.). When then four seconds before the break Vörang scored to 4-1, the alleged preliminary decision had fallen. After this period, Narva Goalie Rovda’s day was over and after the break came back-up goalie Seppenen.

In the middle period it became an open blow in the truest sense of the word. For the time being, Bogdanov manages the goal for the 2-4 (23.). Narva came into play better and a few minutes later Titov scored the 3-4 (31.) after Petrov’s pass. But Välk had the right answer again this time, because only a minute later Sokolov, his third goal in the match, scored 5-3 (32.). Towards the end of the period it got heated when Bogdanov received a 5 + 20 minute penalty after a cross check and was sent to the cabin.

Despite this 5-minute power play Välk could score no goal. Narva braced himself against this threatening defeat. At the halfway point of the period Minin scored the 4-5 and made it exciting again (50.). But only a minute later, these hopes were finally buried by Parras’s 6-4. Narva could not stop it (51.). Välk wins this game with more effort than expected and celebrates the eleventh win in a row.

Narva PSA vs HK Välk 494 4-6 (1-4, 2-1, 1-1)