Dynamo vs Jokerit 1

KHL Play-Offs 2018-19: Conference 1/4-Final Game 3: Dynamo Moscow – Jokerit Helsinki #37 John Norman, #56 Ivan Igumnov, #4 Tommi Kivistö. VTB Arena, Moscow ©Puckfans.at/Andreas Robanser

After 13 consecutive defeats, Jokerit Helsinki wins 3-2 in overtime in Game 3 of the Conference quarter-final in Moscow against Dynamo – Avangard wins 4-1 at Kazan – Ufa celebrates a victory over Metallurg and Sochi defeats Lok in overtime.

In the newly built VTB Dynamo Arena, the first KHL Play-Off game took place today. The guests from Finland were properly challenged. After the first two games in the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, it is 2-0 for the team from Moscow.

Dynamo started well and had the first chance through Yefremov. The momentum was taken from Dynamo when they received a penalty in the 12th minute after a bad change. The Finns were very dangerous in powerplay. but Dynamo survived this phase. Just 80 seconds before the break Dynamo came through a Shipachyov to a chance. In a great first period only the goals were missing. At the beginning of the second period Jokerit had to take a penalty twice, which also led to the 1-0 for the hosts in the 28th minute.

The subsequent video evidence showed, however, that goalie Kalnins had already blocked the puck before Hietanen poked him into the goal. Two minutes later but then the opening goal for Dynamo. In a 2:1 situation Bryukvin scored the 1-0 lead (30.). However, they did not last long, Jormakka escaped in the 33rd minute and left Ivan Bocharov no chance. Now Jokerit had a good phase and got in the 35th minute also the opportunity to act in power play. But this was a little different than desired. Dynamo player Igumnov was sent and brought Dynamo back in the 36th minute 2-1 in front.

Dynamo vs Jokerit 2

KHL Play-Offs 2018-18: Conference 1/4-Final Game 3: Dynamo Moscow – Jokerit Helsinki #71 Ivan Muranov, #11 Steve Moses, #93 Peter Regin, #65 Sakari Manninen VTB Arena, Moscow ©Puckfans.at/Andreas Robanser

In third period, Jokerit could not produce real pressure, only when you took more and more risk you became really dangerous. After Dynamo luckily survived a playoff game, Manninen scored in the 56th minute to 2-2 equalizer, This score was the first time in this series in the overtime.

There, the team from the Finnish capital was the braver team. That was rewarded with the goal of Manninen in the 65th minute and the victory. Jokerit Helsinki shortened in the series to 1-2 and also ended the 13 games lasting defeat series against Dynamo Moscow.

Photo gallery of Game 3 of the KHL 1/4 Final Dynamo Moscow – Jokerit Helsinki 2: 3 OT

Dynamo Moscow vs Jokerit Helsinki 2-3 OT (0-0, 2-1, 0-1, 0-1) – Series: 2-1

Lokomotiv Yaroslavl made it 2-0 to the Black Sea coast, where Sochi’s second playoff victory in the club’s history took place. The last one succeeded against Jokerit last year. The guests were the more active team and Sannikov made in the 17th Minute also for the 1-0 lead. Sochi could not develop any advantages in the episode. An overpower brought in the 29th Minute by Collins the 1-1 equalizer, in the 34th minute Lokomotiv but lead by a goal from Kronwall again with 2-1.

In the final third Sochi took a lot of risk and it was an open game, with Lok a power play unused. In the 54th minute Altybarmakyan could force the overtime with the 2: 2. In extra time, it was again the 20-year-old striker, who ended his 95th-second goal with a 3-2 victory in favor of the Leopards. The HC Sochi shortens so in the series to 1-2.

HC Sochi vs Lokomotiv Yaroslavl 3-2 OT (0-1, 1-1, 1-0, 1-0) – Series 1-2

Salavat Yulaev scored another impressive win over Magnitogorsk today. Magnitogorsk tried again to make the game. It was almost three minutes played, as could Ufa free from its own zone. Tkachyov took the puck from the air like a basketball player on the red line, took advantage of the free space and Omark closed the action with a 1-0 lead. 12 seconds later followed a penalty against Metallurg and only a further 13 seconds later increased Hartikainen with a tip-in to 2-0. After just four minutes Koshechkin did not seem safe in a Kadeykin shot and Zagidulin took his place. Metallurg tried to save what could not be saved. But Ufa scored after a break and an accurate pass on Rybin in the 13th minute a fourth time. 13 seconds before the first break followed even the 5-0 for the hosts. From a won bully the puck came to Hartikainen. This played the puck behind the goal ideal to Kemppainen and this had no trouble to shoot. Thus, the first home victory of Ufa over Magnitogorsk since March 27, 2016 has been fixed.

In the second period then Ufa was still clearly stronger and it was Tkachyov and Hartikainen who came again and again dangerous before the Metallurg goal. Metallurg came with the course of this middle period better in front of the Ufa gate. So it was Ellison and Rasmussen, who found in this phase in Power Plays opportunities.
Also at the beginning of the final period it was Rasmussen who tried to score the first Metallurg goal. In the 58th minute Metallurg succeeded by Zaitsev the consolation goal to 1-5. Salavat Yulaeg takes the lead with this home win in the series 2-1.

Salavat Ufa vs Metallurg Magitogorsk 5-1 (5-0, 0-0, 0-1) – Series: 2-1

After two impressive home wins by Avangard, the series continued with the first home game for Ak Bars. The defending champion but had to succeed in preventing numerous goals. In the first two games Kazan conceded six goals in each case. After 43 seconds already gave the first big opportunity for the guests by Zernov, he failed in direct duel to goalie Podyapolsky. In the 5th minute the first power play for Kazan. This was done with calmness and pressure, for the hoped for quick leader hit it did not come. Avangard was able to prevent the last pass again and again. In the 16th minute then but the 1-0 opening goal by Kazan Klinkhammer. Thus led the title defender for the first time in this series. In the 20th minute followed the setback as Zernov scored 44 seconds before half-time to equalize 1-1.

In the second period gave a similar playful picture, only this time Avangard by Zernov with 2-1 lead (36.). After just 15 seconds in the final period, one of the few penalties in the game followed. It caught Beck and just in this phase, the guests managed by Semyonov a short-handed goal to 3-1 (42.). This brought Omsk the momentum and used in the 47th minute Koshelev his chance to 4-1. That was also the final score. This Ak Bars lost the third match against Omsk. Now the defending champion is already under pressure to win on Sunday to not go on vacation early.

AK Bars Kazan vs Avangard Omsk 1-4 (1-1, 0-1, 0-2) – Series: 0-3