CSKA vs Vityaz

KHL Play-Offs 2018-19: Conference 1/4-Final Game 2: CSKA Moscow – Vityaz Podolsk #87 Andrei Svetlakov, #5 Nikolai Stasenko CSKA Arena, Moscow ©Puckfans.at/Andreas Robanser

CSKA wins 6-2 against Vityaz by a strong middle period – SKA loses after 2-0 lead against Spartak 2-3 – Barys and Avtomobilist win their home games.

For Vityaz, today’s second game against CSKA Moscow was about reducing the mistakes in their own game as they led to the expected 4-0 win in Game 1’s favorite. CSKA also dominated the game immediately, and that’s how Vityaz goalkeeper Ortio was routinely selected. Hansen failed on the Finn as well as Scott, he forgives from close range. This superiority also led to power plays, but somehow CSKA was not consistent enough in front of goal. They took their revenge in the 19th minute when Vityaz scored once and Chernov scored the 1-0 lead for Vityaz.

CSKA vs Vityaz 2

KHL Play-Offs 2018-19: Conference 1/4-Final Game 2: CSKA Moscow – Vityaz Podolsk #31 Joni Ortio, #71 Konstantin Okulov CSKA Arena, Moscow ©Puckfans.at/Andreas Robanser

In the second period, however, CSKA was serious. Grigorenko scored once only with the skates a supposed goal, but this balance was not given to video evidence. Only a few seconds later Golovkov had to go into the penalty box and only six seconds later it was Grigorenko who scored the 1-1 equalizer (25.). In the following minutes Vityaz had more players on the ice, but at this stage they did not even get close to the CSKA goal. When CSKA was complete again they decided in the episode of the game. First, Okulov beat Orti 2-1 in the 30th minute, and three minutes later Nesterov increased to 3-1. But the army team had not enough in this period and Naumenkov scored the 4-1 (37.).

In the final third, Vityaz Goal was replaced by Shvets-Rogovoy instead of Ortio, but he, too, was beaten by Grigorenko. For the 24-year-old CSKA striker that was 5-1 his second goal in the game. Afterwards, CSKA quickly slowed down and Vityaz hit Rendulic to make it 2-5 (46.). Immediately CSKA put on a gear again and when Aaltonen sat on the starfish bench, Alexei Marchenko set the final score 6-2 (51.).

CSKA Moscow vs Vityaz Podolsk 6-1 (0-1, 4-0, 2-1) – Series: 2-0

SKA coach Vorobyov had announced another appearance on Match 2 after his 0-2 loss to Spartak Moscow. Spartak relied on Julius Hudacek, who played his 100th KHL game today and celebrated his first Play-Off shutout with a 2-0-victory on Tuesday. This worked in the first period but again not right and so had to survive the middle of the period SKA even a 3:5 playful outnumber. In addition, there was shortly thereafter, there was still a penalty against St. Petersburg because of a substitution error.

But that was all forgotten in the 27th minute when Rukavishnikov finally scored for SKA 1-0 and Hudacek could be defeated for the first time. In the 31st minute followed by a power play and Barabanov increased to 2-0. Now Spartak conceded the (unnecessary) penalties, but it remained in the lead for SKA. It went into the third period. There it suddenly ran for the guests from Moscow and Kalinin made in the 46th minute for the first goal to 1-2. A Talaluyev power play goal gave Spartak the 2-2 equalizer three minutes before end of the game (57.). When everyone was waiting for overtime, Karsums used Daugalvins’ ideal pass five seconds before the end, inflicting an unexpected defeat on SKA 3-2. With this 2-0 lead Spartak goes into the next two home games.

SKA St. Petersburg vs Spartak Moscow 2-3 (0-0, 2-0, 0-3) – Series: 0-2

Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg got the desired start to the Conference quarter-final against Traktor and won on Tuesday earned 3-0. Chelyabinsk hoped after five defeats in a row against Avtomobilist on the first victory since February 27, 2018. Obidin was unstoppable in the third minute of the tractor defensive and so Avtomobilist led quickly 1-0. Traktor had little to see until the 7th minute, only Thomas scored the first good chances for the visitors. As a result, Chelyabinsk was able to open the game openly and came to a 1-1 equalizer 24 seconds before the first siren by Grigori Zheldakov.

In the second period, tractor captain Petrov and Chesalin had to roughing for four minutes on the penalty bench. Traktor’s Khlstov followed on the penalty bench in the 28th minute. Dawes used this power-play after only 44 seconds to put Traktor Goalie Demchenko between the legs to give Avtomobilist another 2-1 lead. A little more than two minutes later, a penalty was imposed on the hosts, but Golyshev uses his quick start to bring his team 3-1 up with a short-hander. In the 36th minute, after a good chance, Traktor Petrov was promoted by Obidin in his goalie Kovar. Then there was a little bit of a bigger tumult, which also led to a penalty against tractor player Sholokhov.

As a result, Traktor did not really find his way to the gate of Kovar and so Avtomobilist was always dangerous with breaks. Avtomobilst’s Da Costa had the best chance in the final third six minutes from time. In the 58th minute everything was decided, as Kucheryavenko scored in the power play to 4-1 final score for Yekaterinburg. Although succeed Glinkin shortly before the end of the 2-4, this goal was only cosmetic.

Avtomobilist vs Traktor Chelyabinsk 4-2 (1-1, 2-0, 1-1) – Series: 2-0

For Barys the 4-1 opening win over Torpedo was not easy and Nizhny Novgorod’s last away win was in January 2017. Both teams therefore started very cautiously. A hidden shot from Volchenkov led to 101 minutes to Torpedo 1-0 and let Bary goalkeeper Karlsson no chance. In the 4th minute Brust was first tested correctly in the Astana goal by Petersson. The pressure increased and penalties for Torpedo followed. But Barys could not use these power plays to equalize and at the end of the start period Varnakov scored the 2-0 for Torpedo (19.).

After only 52 seconds in the middle period Sabolic meets for the 3-0 lead of the guests. The subsequent goalkeeper exchange at Barys did not use too much, as the second real Torpedo Chance brought through the guests 4-0 lead by Ilyin. Two minutes later Goalie Brust could finally be defeated by Sagadeyev for the first time to 1-4 (28.). Now, the ban was broken and barely four minutes later, Chest could not hold on to a Starchenko shot and Shevchenko scored the 2-4 (33.).

At the beginning of the third period Ilyin had a chance to score a second goal in the game in a short pressure phase of the guests, this could prevent Hrachovina. Barys pressed on, but you could not really get dangerous before the gate. In the 55th minute followed by a great move of the hosts. In powerplay style was acting in the guest area and Dietz pressed from short distance the puck to 3-4 on the goal line. Barys continued to struggle against the Chelyabinsk defense. A powerplay led to a minute before the end but then to compensate: after a shot of Frattin’s jumped the puck unhappy of Torpedo’s Barantsev thugs on the catching hand of chest into the goal. This was still in the overtime. There it took only 100 seconds until Starchenk with the 5-4 could fix the victory for Astana.

Barys Astana vs Torpedo Novgorod 5-4 OT (0-2, 2-2, 2-0, 1-0) – Series: 2-0