LT Hockey League

Energija Elektrenai are 0-1 behind Kaunas Hockey and win 3-1 at the end.

After Kaunas won their last game against Energija, they also wanted to score in the “Ice Palace” in Elektrenai and went into this top match with a lot of commitment.

After just a few minutes of play Kaunas had a power play. This took advantage of the team and Jagelavicius scored, after pass by Stephansson, the lead to 1-0 (8). Although Energija tried to equalize immediately, but they failed mostly to Kaunas Goalie Pavliukov, who could fend off with good saves.

After a good attack by Beliakov, he plays on Zidkovas, who scored the 1-1 equalizer (25.). It remained exciting even after that goal, but Energija had more game play. Both teams each had a power play, but no goals were scored during this period.

At the beginning of the final period Energija had two power play in a row, but could not achieve a trefeframe, Kaunas Goalie Pavliukov parted with good saves. Kaunas had even the chance of a 5:3-player advantage in the further course of the game, but could not defeat here Energija Goalie Ponomarenko. A few minutes before the end there was another power play for Kaunas. However, Energijas Katulis came to the puck, who, after a solo, with a short-Handed goal to 2-1 (57.). One minute before the end Kaunas risked everything and Goalie Pavliukov left the ice. Isaev did not miss this chance. 26 seconds before the end he fixed with an empty net goal the final score of 3-1 (60.). The frustration was very deep after this goal at Kaunas’s Stephansson, who was sent to the cabin after a slashing with a 5 + 20 penalty. With this victory Energija remains leading in the league.

Energija lektrenai vs Kaunas Hockey 3-1 (0-1, 1-0, 2-0)