latvija hockwy liga

Zemgale wins by three goals from Prusis 5-3 over Kurbads – Leader Mogo wins away at Lido 11-1.

League Leader Mogo was a guest at the last Lido. The game was a clear affair for the league leaders right from the start. Already after 77 seconds Opelts scored the 1-0 (2.). After that, Lido struggled for a long time against the next goal, even came to a power play. But Mogo too routinely and Mamonovs scored with a short-handed goal 2-0 (12.). The favorite went down and Sarkanis scored the pass of Maslovskis the 3-0 (16.). The preliminary decision brought Zelubovskis, who set with his goal to 4-0 (17.).

After the break, Mogo continued to be the game-defining team. Lido braced himself against the leader’s rolling attacks, but it did not help. After a pass from Demiters Maslovskis scored to 5-0 (25.), and only a little later Ziemins scored the 6-0 and the dozen was full (27.). Afterwards Mogo took the pace away, but continued to control the game. A few minutes before the second break Mogo came to a power play and Gricinskis exploited a pass from Pankevics to 7-0 (38.).

In the final third Mogo was also the clearly better team. Lido could now start one or the other counterattack. Ten minutes before the end, Ozolins scored to 8-0 (50th), and only a minute later scored Mamonovs, after a solo, to 9-0 – so that was all clear (51). Lido now wanted to prevent a double-digit result, but only two minutes later Gricinskis hits with his second goal to 10-0 (53.). Even after this goal, Lido tried for the honorable goal of a minute later, Lyutov scored the 1-10 (54.). The final point in this very one-sided game scored Ziemins, who fixed with his second goal the final score of 11-1 (59.).

HK Lido vs HK Mogo 1-11 (0-4, 0-3, 1-4)

The match between Zemgale and Kurbads was in second place in the league. Kurbads has won the last six games, so was motivated accordingly. It was a well-balanced, fast game away from the Bully. However, Zemgale managed the lead, Begovs with his pass on Prusis and deiser scored the 1-0 (8.). This goal gave the necessary impetus and a few minutes later it was again Prusis who scored the 2-0 (14.).

Kurbads was still not beaten, because almost 90 seconds after the start of Upitis, after pass from Sprukts, the connecting goal to 1-2 (22). However, Zemgale came to a powerplay shortly thereafter and Adelsons scored the 3-1 (25.). It was followed by a real playful exchange of blows, both teams looking for a direct route to the goal. Minutes before the second break, Prusis scored his third goal of the match to 4-1 (38.).

In the final third Kurbads now tried everything again to get there. This effort was initially rewarded, albeit in a power play. After a passing by Augustkalns Bluks meets for 2-4 (49.). Zemgale was shaken awake by this gate and became more active. In a power play, a few minutes before the end, Grundmanis scored the 5-2 (57.). With this goal, the game was finally decided. Kurbads succeed in a power play in the last minute by Freimanis still the 3-5, this goal was only cosmetic result.. Kurbads could not turn the game, also because Zemgale allowed nothing more. With this victory overtook in the league Zemgale the HK Kurbads and is now in second place.

HK Zemgale vs HK Kurbads 5-3 (2-0, 2-1, 1-2)