Omsk kazan

KHL Play-Offs 2018-19: Conference 1/4Final Game 2 Avangard Omsk – Ak Bars Kazan Kirill Semyonov #94, Ville Pokka #22, Semyon Koshelev #19, Nikita Pivtsakin #91 Yury Lyapkin Arena Balashikha © Robanser

Omsk also scored six goals in the second playoff game against Ak Bars. In the end, there is a 6-3 for Avangard – Ufa compensates in Magnitogorsk – Dynamo wins again in Helsinki and Lok celebrates a 3-0 over Sochi.

In Balashikha the second clash of Omsk and Kazan took place today, where for Ak Bars also a 0-6 from the first game to check off.

This did not let Avangard go away from the first minute, so from the first bully there were rolling attacks from the hosts and Ak Bars could not do more than act. After exactly 9 minutes of play then also deserved 1-0 lead by Koshelev. In the 11th minute, there was a double penalty and only 20 seconds later followed Kazan player Mikheyev. Another 17 seconds later Mikheyev cheered before the goal, he met after a Beck Assist from close range to 2-0. Kazan in the episode probably a little more dangerous but for Goalie Bobkov was hardly really hard work announced.

In the second period, Kazan was still hard to come before the gate and so meets Shirokov after a picture book moderately executed counterattack to 3-0 for the home team. Now the game seemed to have gone and there were penalties. Suddenly Omsk was on the verge of having two men less on the ice. This situation took advantage of Ak Bars Kazan. First met Postma and defeated Omsk goalie Igor Bobkov after a total of 90 minutes and 39 seconds for the first time to 1-3 and not even two minutes later, Kazan struck again by a Sekac to 2-3. Now the game was completely open again and the guests were right in the game. But this only took a bit more than two minutes to play. Even Avangard could use another power play by Beck to 4-2 and again two goals lead.

But Omsk did not have it that easy anymore. A renewed break led to the final decision in the 49th minute. Stålberg left two defenders and beat Sharychenkov 5-2. Avangard did not slow down this time, but Ak Bars was able to reduce Postma’s lead to 3-5 in the 57th minute. The final point was again Omsk. Omsk again scored six goals against the reigning Gagarin Cup champion through Shirokov’s Emty-Net goal in the final minute, giving them a 2-0 lead in the series.


Avangard Omsk vs AK Bars Kazan 6-3 (2-0, 2-2, 2-1) – Series 2-0

For Lokomotiv it was today in the second game with less cramp than the start to win a victory against Sochi. It took until the third period to win the game in overtime.
This succeeded more than good, Ivanov could bring his team in the 3rd minute but already in the lead. But even with this guide, it was not easy for Lok, Sochi always remained fully in the game. In the second period again a quick goal of the hosts, this time Rafikov hit after 34 seconds. Thanks to another goal in power play by Apalkov, Yaroslavl had a 3-0 lead in the 23rd minute. Sochi then took Barulin out of the gate and replaced him with Shikin. This held in the episode although his goal clean. In a penalties final period fell no more goals and so put Lokomotiv in the series to 2-0.

Lokomotive Yaroslavl vs HC Sochi 3-0 (1-0, 2-0, 0-0) – Series 2-0

For Jokerit Helsinki a win was already mandatory, they did not want to fall behind Dynamo Moscow after two home games with 0-2 in arrears. However, this project should not be easy, not a single win against Dynamo has been achieved this season, but should be successful for the time being. Already in the tenth minute Jensen meets Jokerit 1-0 and the Finns were stronger. Then came the 16th minute. Dynamo equalized to Zackrisson to 1-1 and two minutes later, the guests led by Indrasis 2-1 (18.). In the second period the game of Game 1 repeated itself. Jokerit tried to equalize and Dynamo increased by Koivisto’s powerplay goal to 3-1 (29.). In the final period it seemed to be really tight for Dynamo but. First O’Neill brought Jokerit back to 2-3 (45.). With penalties, the guests made playing difficult, so you had to survive in the 57th Minute a full minute a playful 3: 5-outnumbered. Dynamo remain undefeated against Jokerit this season and are 2-0 in the playoff series.

Jokerit Helsinki vs Dynamo Moscow 2-3 (1-2, 0-1, 1-0) – Series 0-2

After the 100-minute thriller with the happier outcome for Metallurg, Magnitogorsk and Ufa faced each other for the second time. Metallurg also tried in the second game to direct the action and Lyubimov gave the first shot on goal. In the fourth minute, Salavat Yulaev was able to play in front of Metallurg Tor, and Omark’s first shot at the visitors led to a 1-0 lead. According to Metallurg coach Josef Jandac, it was exactly these Swedes that had to be neutralized before the match. Metallurg was struggling and Ufa had a better chance. Eleven minutes before the first break, it was fast and the Ufa players took advantage of two ideal passes from Khokhryakov on Kugryshev, who then served the scorer, standing free for the 2-0 lead. After exactly 14 mimes, the home team weakened by a 5-minute penalty against Rylov himself.

In the second period Metallurg tried desperately to reach the goal, but the Salavat Yulaef defense was very good. There were hardly any dangerous situations for Ufa goalie Metsola. At half-time the game was followed by an over-play for the guests, with Kugryshev giving two good chances to score the third. In the 34th minute Teemu Hartikainen managed the 3-0 and thus was the working day for Metallurg Goalie Koshechkin to an end. Hartikainen also found another good chance in the 37th minute. He was stopped by a foul by Bereglazov and Goalie Zagidulin. In powerplay it was only 40 seconds later Kemppainender with the 4-0 brought about the decision. In the 53th minute Bulir still scored the 1-4 honorary goal, on 1-1-series compensation this changed clearly nothing more.

Metallurg Magnitogorsk vs Salavat Ufa 1-4 (0-2, 0-2, 1-0) – Series 1-1