Spartak Moscow delivers their first big playoff surprise with a 2-0 victory at SKA St.Petersburg – CSKA Moscow, Avtomobilist and Barys Astana win their opening games safely.

CSKA Moscow is considered the clear favorite in this playoff series against Vityaz Podolsk, and so did the first period. CSKA was game-defining, but the first hit the army team just did not succeed. In addition, CSKA was denied a goal for video evidence. The guests were only really dangerous once in the first 20 minutes, Makeyev rode alone on CSKA goalie Sorokin, who dueled this.

In the second period CSKA pressed more and more, but failed Popov and Kaprizov. The action of the game delivered but CSKA player Blazhiyevsky, who submerged his opponent Makeyev with a check in the players’ bench. In the 35th minute then fell the 1-0, Grigorenko fakes off successfully and 64 seconds later defeated Shalunov Vityaz Goalie Ortio with a one-timer to 2-0. In the final period Okulov increased to 3-0 (45.). CSKA did not give up the game and Svetlakov made the deserved 4-0 victory for CSKA Moscow with a short-handed goal two seconds before the end.

CSKA Moscow vs Vityaz Podolsk 4-0 (0-0, 2-0, 2-0)

SKA St.Petersburg also started against Spartak as the big favorite in this series and from the first minute on there were practically only SKA chances. It failed Kuzmenko twice to Spartak goalie Hudacek. From Spartak was on the ovens sometimes very little to see. In the 16th minute then a penalty against SKA’s Hersley and this power play used the team from Moscow to go through Hanzl 1-0 lead. One minute after the opening goal was again a penalty against SKA. These two minutes, the guests used to score. Artyom Fyodorov moved in front of the goal and put on ideal for Martins Karsums, this was no longer very difficult to bring Spartak 20 seconds before the first break with a 2-0 lead.

In the second period SKA striker Plotnikov narrowly missed a shot. The visitors were fortunate in the aftermath, as a SKA pass in front of the Spartak goal was deflected by a defender towards their own goal, but Julius Hudacek was again on the spot. After that, Spartak repeatedly blocked the hosts’ shots, taking the pressure off Hudacek. However, this was checked again just before the end of the second third by Gusev again and again the 30-year-old goalie remained victorious.

In the final period, the SKA players literally besieged the Spartak goal and fired 25 shots, most of which could be blocked by a well-placed defense. Again and again SKA tried it over the side but the decisive pass was a Spartak stick in the way and so celebrated Spartak thanks to 30 Saves of the Slovak Hudacek a 2-0 inaugural victory against SKA St.Petersburg and thus deliver the first very big surprise.

SKA St. Petersburg vs Spartak Moscow 0-2 (0-2, 0-0, 0-0)

East Conference winner Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg started against Traktor Chelyabinsk in this year’s playoffs. The conditions for the home team were very good, as all four games could be won this season against Chelyabinsk. It was not quite that easy for Avtomobilist. It had Traktor Sholokhov’s first big chance in the game and the hosts needed a power play to take the lead. Avtomobilist let the puck run properly in the 14th minute and Dawes closed to 1-0. Only 31 seconds later, the next penalty against Traktor followed and this time meets Sexton, after tractor goalkeeper Sudnitsin could defend a Vishnevsky shot only briefly, to 2-0. The guests also had their chances, so Bailen failed to Goalie Kovar.

After in the middle period tractor had a good chance right at the beginning and luck was missing, this slipped on the side of the home side in the 22nd minute, when the puck suddenly came to the standing in front of goal Golyshev and this little problems had this to 3-0 to scored. After that Traktor had good opportunities again. At first Kravtsovan failed at the Avtomobilist Goalie and at a chance from Gubarev the puck stuck to the goal line. After another good chance of Traktor in the final third it remained thanks to goalkeeper Kovar, who celebrated his first shutout with 26 Saves, in the 3-0 opening win of the favorite from Yekaterinenburg.

Avtomobilist vs Tractor Chelyabinsk 3-0 (2-0, 1-0, 0-0)

Barys Astana started as the second-best team in the East Conference in this playoffs, but made himself quite difficult against Torpedo. Barys was in the first period, the clearly better team. The only goal scored in the 13th minute Sabolic in a Power-Play. Barys remained clearly better in the second period and at the end of the period the pressure increased again, also with two penalties against Torpedo. 57 seconds before the end of the compensation in this Power-Play by Petersson to 1-1 (40.).

In the 42nd minute followed by a bad change of players of the guests. In the subsequent power play Astana increased by Bochenski after only ten seconds to 2-1. As Matt Frattin was able to increase to 3-1 two minutes later everything went for Barys Astana. In the 57th minute, the game was then decided. Bochenski, with his second goal, scored the 4-1 final score. Quite simply, it was not for Barys, but this team showed why you could achieve the best placement in the KHL since the accession after the basic round.

Barys Astana vs Torpedo Novgorod 4-1 (0-1, 1-0, 3-0)