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League leader HK Mogo leaves HS Riga no chance and wins clearly with 6-1.

League leader HK Mogo hosted HS Riga today. For the guests there is still the theorethic chance to reach a play-off place. But a victory had to come here.

With this project HS Riga also went into this game and was a equal opponent. Mogo, clear league first, had to work more than they had before. HS Riga keep coming forward with dangerous assaults in front of Kazanovs’ goal. On the other side, Riga’s goalie Lazdins kept what it took. It therefore remained after 20 minutes in a goalless first period.

After the break, Mogo put on pace and increased the pressure. after just over two minutes Gricinskis, taking over a pass from Zelubovskis, hits for the 1-0 lead. This goal was redeeming and only a little later Mamonovs increased to 2-0 (8.). HS Riga was briefly out of focus after this second goal and Ziemins hits pass from Siksnis to make it 3-0 (10.). This was a preliminary decision. Riga finds back into the game, but seemed cramped. When Sarkanis made it 4-0 (17.) a few minutes before the second break, the game was decided ahead of time.

In the final period Mogo got more comfortable and Riga came to chances. In the 48th minute Vitolins was able to shorten to 1-4. However, this goal was only result cosmetics. Because only two minutes later Ziemins meets in a power play to 5-1 (50.). The final point came three minutes before the end of Gricinski, who scored the final score of 6-1 with his second goal in the match (57.). With this victory, Mogo remains fix first in the league, for HS Riga reaching the play-offs is now very difficult.

HK Mogo vs HS Riga 6-1 (0-0, 4-0, 2-1)