Magnitogorsk wins Game 1 against Ufa with Shore’s goal in the 100th minute 2-1 – Lokomotiv also defeats Sochi to overtime and Omsk makes Kazan 6-0 down. Only away win of Dynamo Moscow at Jokerit.

With the match Metallurg Magnitogorsk against Salavat Yulaev the playoffs were opened already in the afternoon. In the process, the 6th of the East Conference got a good first third, but Ufa could not take advantage of these 20 minutes and this was punished once in the second period.

It was Dennis Rasmussen who found a good opportunity for the home team at the beginning of the middle period in excess. Just after Ufa was back in the game, Metallurg had plenty of room on the ice and Platonov took the opportunity to put the home side ahead in the 23rd minute. Salavat Yulaev came in the episode not really in front of the Magnitogorsk goal and on the defensive were always mistakes, this did not use the home team.

Sergei Mozyakin had the biggest chance of making it 2-0 91 seconds before the second break. Mozyakin was not able to put the puck over the line from a meter. After four minutes in the third period, this was punished. Omark brought the puck standing behind the gate to Kemppainen, who did not close but led the puck on to Hartikainen. This was not too difficult to defeat Goalie Koshechkin to 1-1 (44.). After another overrun penalty Ufa was then the more active team. In the 53rd minute Omark had to score on the side of the penalty, then Dennis Rasmussen awarded two huge chances for the lead. The last two minutes Ufa was again only to four it remained after 60 minutes but at 1-1 and so it was like in the only duel in Magnitogorsk in the basic round again with 1-1 in the overtime.

There Metallurg looked rather the decision but in the 70th minute Mozyakin had to save in dire need with a foul. This power-play did not lead to a decision, even when Tkachyov fed on Vasili Koshechkin alone, the Metallurg Goalie remained victorious.
In the fifth period started Ufa still in excess, with Philip Larsen also made a good shot. The game remained fast, intense and with little interruption even in the 2nd overtime. 40 seconds before the fifth break then the decision is made. Metallurg squeezed and Varfolomeyev came from an acute angle to the shot. The puck slipped over Ufa Goalie Metsola’s shoulder. Nick Shore, standing in the goal area but not hampering the Finn in the Ufa goal, responded the fastest and dusted off a 2-1 winning goal.

Metallurg Magnitogorsk vs Salavat Ufa 2-1 OT (0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 0-0, 1-0) – 1-0

A slightly surprising clear victory was celebrated in the second East Conference Playoff game of the day by Avangard Omsk over Kazan. Both teams went into this fourth KHL playoff duel, each with an overtime win from the regular season. Ak Bars won the series in 2009, 2015 and 2017. Avangard Head Coach Bob Hartley said before the game, “we have to hide our own weaknesses”, this seemed to work today.

It was Zernov in the 14th minute and Pokka in the 17th minute that brought Omsk 2-0 lead. In the second period Manukyan increased in the 24th minute quickly to 3-0 and Franson scored in the 31st minute even the 4-0. After that, there were many penalties and Shumakov scored in the 53rd minute to make it 5-0 for Avangard Omsk. Shortly thereafter, there were again disagreements and penalties and in the 57th minute Shumakov struck again after a solo and made the 6-0 victory in the first game against the defending champion.

Avangard Omsk vs AK Bars Kazan 6-0 (2-0, 2-0, 2-0) – 1-0

In the West Conference duel between Lok Yaroslavl and Sochi, Lok left the clear favorite in the first game. The guests started quite cheeky and so Kapustin put, after you could settle in the locomotive zone, in the 8th Minute to 1-0. In the 13th minute followed then a penalty against Loks Nakladal because of Tripping. In the following bully Averin was sent away twice and so Sochi was with two more men on the ice. 15 seconds later Jokipakka shot the leopard with a shot to make it 2-0 (13.). Only two minutes later Lokomotiv scored, but this had to be confirmed by the video evidence. It seemed the goalie Barulin had already blocked the puck, so the goal was given by Denisenko but as well.

In the second period, the compensation by Averin to 2-2 (27.). Sochi remained dangerous and did not hide further. A powerplay in the 32nd minute brought Lok but again with 3-2 in front. Lok let the disc circulate well and captain Kronwall then completed from close range. The home team tried to settle after all but with a scant locomotive leadership, it went into the third period. Sochi equalized after only 51 seconds, plus one player more on the ice, by the second goal of Kapustinzus to 3-3 off. As a result, Lokomotiv players Osipov and Denisenko tried with distance shots. But Bocharov found the big opportunity for Sochi after a solo in the 54th minute

In the overtime, the deciding goal came in the 64th minute. Kovalenko tried to make a break with a shot, while the strong Sochi goalie Barulin let the puck bounce and Ivanov took advantage of that for a 2-1 first-leg win.

Lok Yaroslavl vs HC Sochi 4-3 OT (1-2, 2-0, 1-0, 1-0) – 1-0

A lot of suspense promised the duel between Jokerit Helsinki and Dynamo Moscow. However, Jokerit could not win a single game against Dynamo this year, so this had to be boarded on the part of the Finns. After a balanced start period, it was 0-0 after twenty minutes. This changed with the second powerplay for the guests. Tarasov scores after a pass from Bryukin to make it 1-0 (30.). Just four minutes later, Jokerit was able to make a 1-1 equalizer thanks to Norman (34.).

But in the 46th minute Dynamo took the lead again. Muranov scored the goal of Kalnins and defeated this to 2-1 lead. In the 50th minute, Shipachyov even managed a two-goal lead with the 3-1 win. However, this lasted only about three minutes, Vesalainen brought back with the 2-3 Jokerit (52.). In the final minutes Jokerit pressed on the balance, but the very compelling chances remained. Norman tried to push the puck over the line 30 seconds before the end but failed. Seconds before the end, Mozer wins a bully and leads the puck himself out of the defensive zone. Despite fouls, he could put the puck to 4-2 in the empty goal. This Dynamo Moscow celebrates the only away win of this first playoff day and remains unbeaten against Jokerit.

Jokerit Helsinki vs Dynamo Moscow 2-4 (0-0, 1-1, 1-3) – 0-1