LT Hockey League

In an emotional and dramatic game, Kaunas Hockey wins against Energija 2-1 after overtime.

The last game between these two teams was three days ago, when Energija had won the home game just 4-3. This time, the “Ledo Arena” in Kaunas was the scene and Kaunas Hockey of course wanted to take revenge.

The Kaunas Hockey team got off to a flying start. Energija was sometimes too far on the defensive, but was always dangerous in the counterattack. Near a good turn Zukausko, after Kumeliauskas’s pass, faces a deserved 1-0 lead (14.). After this goal, it was still a fast and attractive game. Both goalies, both Pavliukovas (33 shots) and Ponomarenko (26 shots) could not complain about underemployment. So it remained after the first period in the tight leadership for Kaunas.

The same game continued in the middle period. Both teams searched the way to the goal, but was mostly at the goalies end station. Energija twice had the option of a power play, but could not score a goal.

In the third period the game was still open and Kaunas missed big chances to extend their lead and decide the game. Just under three minutes before the end Kaunas had the possibility of Penaltys, but Kumeliauskas fails to Ponomarenko (57.). This missed chance was doomed to Kaunas when his own quick attack resulted in an elctronic counterattack. After a pass from Kazlauskas to Kulevicius, he gets in the middle of the puck and only half a minute before the end of the game scored the equal to make it 1-1 (60.). With this score, it went into overtime.

The over-time lasted only 21 seconds. A quick attack by Kaunas and Kumeliauskas scores the decisive goal to make it 2-1 (61.). With this success Kaunas managed to defeat Enegrgija for the first time this season.

Kaunas Hockey vs Energija Elektrenai 2-1 OT (1-0, 0-0, 0-1, 1-0)