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Mogo loses the home game against Kurbad 2-6 – the Riga derby wins HS against Prizma 3-2 – Liepaja wins thanks to a strong final period against Lido.

On matchday three matches were on the program. It all started with the “Riga-Derby” between HS and Prizma. The HK Prizma is in the safe fourth place, for HS it is difficult to reach the play-offs yet.

HS Riga started right away and pushed Prizma on the defensive. The guests were able to free themselves several times from the clutch and drove dangerous counterattacks. At about half time of the period HS came to a power play. This also reslutierte the opening goal, Ansons meets for 1-0 (11.). This goal gave a boost but Prizma Goalie Auzins had to save his team from further loss. Also opposite his, HS Goalie Lazdins could excel after fast thrusts from Prizma.

A few minutes after the first break HS was back on the rise. A good, fast move brought the next goal. Vitolins plays the puck to Skrastins and it was 2-0 (29.). Now Prizma was required and accordingly they came up to speed. A pass from Sirokovs to Marcinkevics and this hits to 1-2 (34.). At HS Riga, the big trembling began, as Prizma now had the game in hand. However, HS was very focused on the defensive and went into a thrilling final period.

Prizma took advantage of a power play and only 20 seconds after the restart Lipsbergs, after pass from Sirokovs, the equalizer to 2-2. As the game progressed, they quickly swung back and forth, with both teams finding some good chances, as they sought the decision. Other goals fell but no more and it went into the overtime. In extra time, no goals were scored and the penalty shoot-out had to be decided. Hir had the better end for HS RIga – Ligis transforms the deciding penalty and Riga wins the derby 3-2. With this victory, HS Riga has come three points closer to HK Prizma, who is still in fourth place.

HS Riga vs HK Riga Prizma 3-2 OS (1-0, 1-1, 0-1, 0-0, 1-0)

The top game was HK Mogo vs HK Kurbads. In the last meeting of these two teams Kurbads won the home game for themselves, Mogo has been able to win only two of their last four games.

However, Mogo had the better start, they wanted to make the loss forget. There were a few chances, but these were rather harmless, also Kurbads Goalie Calpa got a good day. Mogo also acted too overbearing and had to go into a power play. Kurbads took advantage of this opportunity and Upitis puts the guests 1-0 in the lead (9.). Only a few minutes the same picture – Power-play for Kurbads and Gipters meets for the 2-0 (16.). Kurbads even came to another power play, but this time Ziemins caught the puck, plays to Siksnis with a short-haded goal before the break to 1-2 shortened (17.).

Even in the middle period it remained in a high-profile game, both teams sought the direct route to the goal. Kurbads was more effective in this matter, Strraupe fits in with Pushkaryov and he scores 3-1 (27.). Mogo started to walk, but always ran into the fast and dangerous counterattacks of Kurbads. A few minutes before the second break Kurbads had another power play. And again this was used – Pushkyarov with pass on Augstkalns and it was 4-1 (38.). That was a small preliminary decision in this game.

Kurbads did not want to risk any more in the final period and kept on playing their fast counterattack game. A pass from Brancis to Zembergs and it was 5-1 (45.). When just three minutes later Gipters scored with his second goal to 6-1 (48.), the game was finally decided. Although Mogo succeeds not by Cinks the 2-6 (50.), but this goal was only result cosmetics. Kurbads was the playfully better team this evening, bringing home that victory and reducing Leader Mogo’s gap to seven points in the table.

HK Mogo vs HK Kurbads 2-6 (1-2, 0-2, 1-2)

In the third and final game of the day Liepaja received the league last, HK Lido. However, Liepaja did harder than expected. Lido took a 1-0 lead through a short haded goal from Galimov just before half-time. This goal gave self-confidence, which the team of Lido took in the middle period. After just six minutes Galsons scored, after Pass Kondrat, the 2-0 for the outsider (26.). Liepaja pushed for the first goal, but with a compact defensive performance Lido could take the lead in the final period.

Liepaja started the final period with a lot of pressure and after only 13 seconds, Zabis manages to do that and earns 1-2. However, Lido came only a few minutes to a power play. But Liepaja attacker Kalns comes to the puck and after a solo attempt he succeeds the equalizer to 2-2 (44.). Who thought Lido would be shocked, he was wrong. Only 90 seconds later Galimov plays the puck to Ivanov. This fits further to Kozhevnikov and this brought Lido again with 3-2 lead (46.). It went up and down now, the game was on the knife edge. After a quick counterattack by Zabis, Nekludovs scored the 3-3 (49.). Lieaja was back, but only for a few minutes. Lidos Ivanov serves Ozols and Lido leads 4-3 (52.). The joy was too exuberant at Lido, because only 23 seconds later Zuckovs scored for 4-4 (53.). Lido, like Liepaja, sought the path to decision. The deciding goal in this game succeeds Liepaja – Zabis scored after a solo the winning goal to 5-4 (54.) – his second goal in this game. With this hard-fought victory Liepaja joins HS Riga and has only one point behind.

HK Liepaja vs HK Lido 5-4 (0-1, 0-1, 5-2)