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Narva wins away match with Viking Tallinn 3-2 – High 9-3 away win of HK Välk at Everest.

Heufe was again a round in the Miistri League instead. It came to the game of table neighbors Viking Tallinn against Narva PSK. Tallinn have suffered three defeats in a row, while Narva have won three of their last four games.

Viking wanted to finish this series and start with a lot of pressure in this game. That paid off and Gristsenko puts Tallin 1-0 in the lead (7.). Narva had to put this goal away first, and was briefly unsettled. Tallinn took advantage of that and only a few minutes before the first break Kuznetsov scored the 2-0 (19.). With this lead, it went into the second break.

After the restart, there was a balanced game and both teams had some chances to score goals. At half-time, after a good attack Puzakov meets to 1-2 (31.). There followed an open exchange of blows and many chances but both goalies each held their team in the game.

The final period remained exciting with slight benefits for Narva. With the confidence of their last victories, they played a big game. One of the good and fast-paced chances Petrov uses to score 2-2 (51.) – Narva PSK was back in the game and they wanted more. The game was there, but the goalies prevented the defeat of their team. It went with this score in the overtime. After just two minutes, Iljinan hit the puck and scored the crucial goal for Narva PSK 3-2 (62.). With this win Narva continues his winning streak and Tallinn has to accept the fourth defeat in a row. In the league table Narva is only five points behind Tallinn in third place.

Viking Tallinn vs Narva PSK 2-3 OT (2-0, 0-1, 0-1, 0-1)

The second game was played by HC Everest and HK Välk 494. This SPiel should be a clear affair for the leader.

Lubnin brought the favorites with 1-0 in the lead (14.). Only a minute later Gishchin succeeds in equalizing to 1-1 (15.). Shortly before the break Tttarenko meets with the 2-1 for the new lead for Välk (18.). Everest did not want to make it to the leader, and only four minutes after the first break, Rybakov scored the 2-2 (24.). Välk had the right answer and Lubnin scored the 3-2 (25.). Two more goals from Kuznetsov (29.) and Gusynin (30.) lead Välk 5-2. Everest relented again and Lupanov was able to shorten to 3-5 (32.). When Sokolov scored the 6-3 for Välk shortly before the break, that was also the preliminary decision. Everest could not stop it in the final section. Välk was now clearly the better team, which also turned their chances into goals. Gusynin to 7-3 (48.) and only a minute later Voitsekhivskyi to 8-3 (49.). The final two minutes before the end Ivanov set with his second goal the final score of 9-3 fixed.

HC Everest vs HK Välk 494 3-9 (1-2, 2-4, 0-3)