Dinamo Riga wins the “Winter Ice Break” Open-Air-Spectacle against Minsk 3-1 and stays two points behind Sochi.

In the annual “Winter Ice Break” Open Air game in Riga, Dinamo Minsk was a guest. For the hosts, it was still about the play-offs, for Minsk it was, according to head coach Sidorenko: “A special game that he wants to win, of course.”

So it was done, about 10,000, around the freezing point enduring, fans heated up the game really. Riga from the start with a lot of pressure on the Minsk goal and goalie Enroth had to fend off a few spectacular chances of Darzins and Gillies. Shortly after the middle of the period, Riga took a 1-0 lead through Meija (11). Minsk came only sporadically before the Riga goal – Tereschenko had the best opportunity. Riga always driven by Maione, sought the direct route to success, even with a solo effort by Redlihs Enroth was on hand.

Even after the break Riga was the dominant team. With fast plays one came again and again dangerous before the Minsk gate. A few minutes after the beginning of a great action by Lipsbergs and batna concludes to 2-0 (24.). Shortly thereafter, there was the first power play in this game – Zile had to take place because of boarding on the penalty box. Now Minsk also came up with better chances – Kovyrshin awarded from close range and a shot from Lisovets could hold Bilyalov. Shortly after the end of the power play Kovyrshon puts on Lisovets, who pulls off and Yevenko fakes unsustainable for Bilyalov to 1-2 (27.). Now it became a game with many opportunities. Riga scored another goal a few minutes before the second break through Maione, which was not given after video analysis by the referees.

The final period also remained exciting. Driven by the two powerful fan bearings, both teams offered fast, fair ice hockey. After a move by Pavlovs Dzerins scored the 3-1 (48.). Riga then had to survive two more power plays in a row, in which Kostitsyn and Pulkkinen found ways to make it to the connecting goal. In the second power Playfor Minsk Darzins came to the puck and leads alone to Enroth. Even before Darzins came to the shot attempt, he was fouled by Pavlovich – there was a penalty. Darzins steps on himself and forgives this opportunity (56.). Riga has not given much chance in the final few minutes and scored important points in the battle for the play-offs.

Dinamo Riga vs Dinamo Minsk 3-1 (1-0, 1-1, 1-0)