LT Hockey League

In a balanced game Energija wins after 0-1 deficit still 4-3 over Kaunas Hockey.

In today’s top game, the league leader, Energija and pursuer Kaunas Hockey faced each other. In the direct duel Energija has won the two previous games against Kaunas, the guests are hanging already nine games without defeat.

The mood in the “Elektrenai Ica Palace” was very good and Energija also went on the offensive immediately. After about the first power-play for Energija, this remained without a goal. With the continuation of the game Kaunas came more and more and also came to very good chances. A quick Kaunas advance also gave the lead to Stephansson with a pass to Kumeliauskas, who scored the 1-0 (9.). Energija, however, could not be disturbed despite their goal and played on the equalizer. Kaunas was in this section with a secure defense very sure, to Goalie Pavliukov parried several times with good saves.

After the restart, the game was intensified by both teams and Kaunas had two consecutive power play games, but no goal was scored. Energija also came to a power play shortly after halftime. In contrast to Kaunas uses Energija this possibility and Aliukonis utilizes a pass from Vitte to 1-1 (35.). The goal was to relieve Energija, as only a few minutes later Zidkovas scored, after passing Kubilius, the 2-1 and give the leader the lead for the first time in this game (39.).

Kaunas of course played the equalizer, but always ran into the dangerous and fast counterattacks by Energija. One of these advances was from Vitte, whose pass on Gaidauskas, who scored to 3-1 (45.). Later in the game, both teams came to a power play, due to the emotional commitment, but without further goal remained. In a 4:4-game, Vitte (E) and Babic (K) sat in the penalty box , Kaunas scored a goal – Jagevilicius plays the puck to Stephansson, who scored the 2-3 (49.). With this goal, the game was open again and was exciting again in the final phase. A little later the same session – in a recent 4:4-game, it was Energija, the 4-2 scored by Baltrukonis (53). But Kaunas still was not beaten and started the final offensive. Minutes before the end Morozov uses a power play and scored the 3-4 (58.). Thirty seconds before the end Kaunas came to a power play, took a time-out and then went Goalie Pavliukov from the ice to have a 6:4-overgame. However, the time was too short and Energija brought this tight and hard-fought victory over time.

On Sunday, 17 February, Kaunas Hockey will have the opportunity to take revenge at 18.00 in the local “Ledo Arena”.

Energija Elektrenai vs Kaunas Hockey 4-3 (0-1, 2-0, 2-2)