LT Hockey League

Iron Wolf manages revenge in the Vilnius derby with a 4-2 victory over the Hockey Punks.

Just two days after the last derby, Iron Wolf and the Hockey Punks faced each other. The hosts wanted to take revenge for their last 2-5 defeat.

Iron Wolf started immediately and clearly did the game. After a few missed chances it was then Tuchto of a pass from Misiukas to 1-0 utilized (7.). This goal inspired Iron Wolf and they relented. In a power play – Majul sat for the Hockey Punks on the penalty bench – Cetvertak scored the 2-0 (11.). After this goal, Iron Wolf Goalie Petiul was penalized for delaying play and the Punks came to power play. However, the goal scored Iron Wolf – Misiukas came to the puck and with his fast thrust he scored with a Short-handed-goal the 3-0 (12.). The foundation stone for a victory was laid, because nothing happened during this period.

The Punks came out with more commitment from the cabin and only minutes later, Kuliesius scored the goal for the 1-3 (24.). However, the Punks then played too over-motivated and cashed the next punishment. Iron Wolf was also efficient in this power play, and Tuchto scored with his second goal the 4-1 (30.). After this goal Punks Goalie Pranckietis went off the ice and it came Baltrunas. Apparently Baltrunas gave his team more security, because until the second break fell no further goals.

The final period was a fast, open game. Both teams had some good chances. Iron Wolf tried to bring this advantage over the time. The Hockey Punks often fought in the defense or goalie Petiul was there. Three minutes before the end the Punks risked everything again and Baltrunas went for a sixth player from the ice. Only 90 seconds later, this measure was rewarded – Majul scored after a pass from Kuveka the 2-4 (59.). A minute before the end, the Punks had the chance of a Penalty – but Kuveka fails Goalie Petiul. At the last minute the Punks tried everything again and Baltrunas left the ice. However, the time was too short and Iron Wolf manages the revenge and celebrates a 4-2 derby victory.

Gelezinis “Iron Wolf” Vilkas vs Hockey Punks 4-2 (3-0, 1-1, 0-1)